Welcome to my BASEMENT OF DOOM!5,857
That's nothing like the stew I tasted. All the spices are wrong.4,015
Hmm... I think you've got the amount of one spice right, but the others are wrong.3,980
Ah! Here you go!3,531
I need you to answer this for me.3,523
Please enter the answer to the question.3,492
Spot on!3,427
Woah, that's one totally evil cat! It looks way more evil than you!2,305
What do you want?1,343
Hey, the council meeting! They wanted me to be their evil representative! That proves I'm a great dark wizard! Right?1,311
But anyway, why do you want to know what I ate?1,309
What? But that was last week! You've already saved me!1,307
TOTALLY EVIL! That's EXACTLY how the stew tasted!1,269
What? Why can't I eat it?1,247
So confused...1,231
Woah, what happened?1,227
Hey, this is pretty evil stew!1,220
Well it tasted like the stews my mum makes. She puts these spices in them. But it was like she'd got the amounts totally right this time.1,200
What? Well, I'm evil, and I only like evil stuff, and I liked that, so it must be evil. Right?1,196
Well, it kind of tasted evil, you know? You know, how you taste something and you think, that's really EVIL?1,195
What was what?1,194
It was, like, this totally evil stew!1,194
All right! Now that makes perfect sense!1,193
Well we do need one more person now, since... um.1,102
Eric's dead! Agrith-Naar killed him! That's EVIL!1,092
These secret meetings are SOOO EVIL!1,080
You can kill him?1,059
But the portal is closing! We'll be trapped!1,058
I mean, it's bad! In a BAD way!992
But we're an evil group! To join, you have to be evil!946
Yeah, I can see that. That outfit is totally evil!916
You'd better take this then. It was Eric's sigil. Everyone in the ritual will need one!812
Master! This person wants to join us!754
I'm getting out of here!734
And I love that evil black sword!614
Okay, I'll take you through to see Denath.539
Yeah! He's totally evil!421
You've got the amount of two of the spices right, but two of them are wrong.383
That stew is pretty evil! But I think one of the spices is still a bit wrong.343
Yeah! I'm going to use it to summon DEMONS to DO MY BIDDING, or raise an ARMY OF THE UNDEAD! And then I'm going to totally, like, take over the world!289
Yeah! She's totally evil!222
Yeah, well...204
But I couldn't keep it up. I just didn't find anything good very interesting, you know?202
I did try. I wore this bright red jumper and I got up in the morning and spent the day outside in the sunshine...191
Sometimes I worry about the consequences of evil. I don't really want anyone to get hurt, not like what happened with Denath.183
But I can't not be evil! It's just who I am!178
You don't look evil. You certainly don't dress evil!178
Hey! This is our portal! Keep out!177
But what's that sword? It's far too shiny to be evil. We won't have any silver glowing swords in here!176
But I was saved from the spell! I remember it!171
What will happen if you don't?171
There's no need for the disguise here! We're all evil!163
Go away! This is OUR portal now!148
Thank goodness that's over!137
Well that's all right, as long as I'm saved from my point of view!136
But I'm here so you must already have saved me!135
Oh no! That would be bad, and not even in an evil way!132
But I still don't understand why you need the recipe when you've already saved me!132
I'm not going to try to be evil any more. From now on I'm going to be good!128
Well, I thought I should start small, so I asked Wizard Grayzag for some help with summoning imps...111
Well, not imps, exactly. It turns out they're not the lowest form of demon after all. I got these hell-rats.111
They're hardly evil at all! They're just like regular rats only they smell vaguely of sulphur!103
That demon killed Eric! When are you going to start the ritual and slay him?101
But you'll need to free some inventory space first!100
What? I didn't notice anything.94
So how can I be there and also here? Which one is me?94
How does that work?94
That would be terrible!84
I mean, I feel like I'm me, but what if I'm not me?79
That is not the evil answer I requested!67
Hey, you're looking evil, and so's your cat!61
Yeah, evil, aren't they? One of the group made them. He said he found some mushrooms in the ruins that could dye things really black.57
The ceiling collapsed without warning! When I moved towards the staircase the walls started to shake.57
I'm scared of what will happen to me if I try to leave!55
That's what you said before! Honestly, why make it more complicated than it needs to be?48
Welcome, brother! Soon we'll summon the great demon! Aren't we evil?48
Hey, you're looking evil!41
There's no time for that! Eric's DEAD!38
That stew doesn't have any spices in it at all! That can't be right!31
I don't understand this at all.29
Welcome, sister! Soon we'll summon the great demon! Aren't we evil?21
Go away then!20
Hurry up with the ritual! That demon killed Eric!17
Soon you will return to bow before my EVIL THRONE!14
And we've got such an evil throne room to do our ritual in!14
Kill him, %USERNAME%!13
That outfit is TOTALLY EVIL! And you've got an evil cat too! To be honest I'm a little bit scared of you!10
It's just a pity someone's removed the gems from the throne. That kind of vandalism is TOTALLY NOT EVIL.10
Hey, what's that sword? It's far too shiny to be evil! We won't have any silver glowing swords in here!9
Our evil moment is at hand! You should get to your place in the circle so the ritual can start!9
Of course you will return! There is no escape from my DARK POWER!9
And together we will lead Gielinor into a NEW DARK AGE!8
If you can find your way out of my BASEMENT OF DOOM!8
I didn't see anything. He left last night, and Denath only posted me here this morning.6
That's not very helpful. I don't even understand why you need the recipe anyway.6
Well get out of our evil temple then!6
If my ARMY OF DARKNESS doesn't get you first!5
Yeah! We're BAD!5
Whoa! A voice in my head! What do you want?5
You're using dark magic to contact me! That is SO evil! What is thy bidding, O Master?5
Yes, O master! As soon as I get this summoning thing to work, my army of evil UNDEAD CHAOS ZOMBIE DEMON ASSASSINS OF DARKNESS will overrun the world! Mwuhahahahaaa!5
That outfit is TOTALLY EVIL! I'm almost scared of you!3
Hey, you're looking really evil! Well done!3
No. Last I heard, Matthew had it.2
And Tanya was following us, but now I can't find her! Agrith-Naar has killed her as well!1