Here you go.1,386
Are you a cook? I need more staff.591
They're not going to eat anything you've got there. Make them meat pies, stew or pineapple pizza.278
Good. The soldiers like stew, meat pies and pineapple pizza. You'll find ingredients in the cupboards.140
When you've made something, put it on the buffet tables, and you'll gain experience based on how much the soldiers appreciate them.134
Hey, that's not for you!41
This is the servery, where the soldiers from the Shayzien barracks come for meals. It is our duty to keep the Shayzien troops well fed.27
They're a pretty boring bunch, never willing to try anything new or interesting. But hey, they keep the city safe, so I'll feed 'em what they want.26
You're not authorised to work in my kitchen.26
Anyway, enough chatting. Are you a cook?23
Good. When you've got more Hosidius favour, come back and I'll have plenty for you to do.13
Hey, I have something for you but you don't have any space for it!10
They're not going to eat that. Make them meat pies, stew or pineapple pizza.4
Hah! You'll need a level of 20 to cook anything for these soldiers. They're picky about what they eat.2