Someone pushed it under my door just before you arrived. I went outside to see who it was but they'd already gone by the time I got there.803
What, like this?802
Sorry to hear that.801
Sure, here you go.800
Glad I could be of service. Anything else you need?798
Hello again, %USERNAME%. How are things?797
Is there any way I can help?589
Sniff. Yes, everyone says that.116
Really? That's the nicest thing anyone has ever said.87
Hmm, I don't think I do.87
Well, I haven't spoken to him in a while. I don't get out much.87
Maybe the Mayor has finally seen how much I admire him and has grown to admire me?86
Hey, I resent that!82
I admire him a great deal. He works so hard for this town.80
Well hello there; welcome to our little village. Pray, stay awhile.65
I supply the local fishermen with the tools and bait they need to do their job.33
Why yes, all of my life. I took over from my father, who inherited the business from his father and so on.31
Oh yes, we have a long and interesting family history. For one reason or another the Lovecraft's have always been bait sellers or writers.30
Oh very, very fascinating, for instance my great grandfather Howard...30
Oh right, goodbye.29
In fact, there have been Lovecraft's selling bait for over ten generations.27
Sure, but I don't think you have enough space in your pack to hold it.6
Hello again, ------------. How are things?1