Be careful when you pick mushrooms near the strange ruins to the south. Some of them will try to eat you!129
Picking mushrooms near the forge will probably end quite badly for you.128
Sorry, I can't talk I'm looking for Sarah-Jane!116
This fairy ring will take you out of Zanaris. It leads to the place known as Al-Kharid in your realm. Once passed you can not return this way.115
I'm afraid I can't stop to chat. I've just been told to get ready to go to Etceteria for some reason or other!114
Is your name Freddie, and are you loosing your teeth?110
Have you got any idea where Burthorpe is? The co- ordinator says I need to go there and paint all the leaves yellow, but I've never heard of that place!107
Err, hello. Do you have any idea what a Winter Fairy actually does?107
Before leaving make sure that you have fully sampled the delights of our marketplace.105
How could everything have gone so wrong, so quickly?62
What is that evil fairy doing to our beautiful kingdom?60
The Queen is the true ruler of Zanaris, not that wicked Godfather!58
I hope that the Queen wakes up soon, I want to go back home.55
The Godfather has a lot to answer for, just look at all these injured fairies!50
The Godfather's henchmen tried to pull off my wings!42
I can't believe that there are orcs in Zanaris.41
Have you seen Fairy Cake? She went to talk to the Godfather and I haven't seen her since.41
Have you heard? The Godfather has allowed orcs into Zanaris!39
We must find a way to fight back! To throw those villains out of our homes.37
Those fairies that side with the Godfather are all traitors! The Queen is the true ruler of Zanaris!36
How is the Queen? Has she woken up yet?34
I don't want to go back! That orc tried to kill me!33
Oh, right. 30
Oh, ok then. If you do find out please let me know. The co-ordinator has sent me to find him.28
You don't have any idea where I can find him do you?28
Oh, pity. Neither do I, but I'm supposed to be one this week.26
Not as bad as the ones by the strange ruins to the south though. They're much bigger.25
The Queen is the true ruler of Zanaris! We shall over- throw the tyrant!14
As you wish.11
Thank you for waking our queen.10
I'm so looking forward to going back home!9
Once the council of war is finished we shall go and get rid of the Godfather.8
Now that the Queen is awake everything will be alright.7
Is the council finished yet?7