Oh hello %USERNAME%. I'm Aeryka. Aery for short.172
That's right. What can I do for you?161
Crop circle? Oh, you mean the Puromantic portal?154
The Puromantic portal. At least that's what we call them. It's the way the implings travel from Puro-Puro to other planes.142
The impling home. We call it Puro-Puro. The implings just call it home, I think.137
Implings...and wheat.99
Not really. Though I have noticed quite a lot of you humans travelling through the portal recently. I suppose you must like wheat.96
Really? You humans like that stuff a lot, don't you? I don't like really old stuff myself.95
Oh, I did notice a very serious-looking gnome go into the portal. Maybe he knows what's going on.93
Yes, dragon stuff feels really old.93
From its magical aura, obviously. Oh, I forget you humans can't feel auras.92
Really, really, old.92
Not really. Time doesn't really mean a lot round here. Hundreds, maybe thousands of your human lifespans, I suppose. Anyway, it would have to be old since it all comes from the Necrosyrtes.92
Errm, Egg-nog, or something like that.91
Old and powerful creatures. I don't think there have been any around here for aeons. I haven't seen one. I don't think they are very nice. Not like me. Anyway, this is all ancient history. Boooring!90
Oh, I did have loads, but I threw it away.87
Only joking. 86
No, sorry, I can't help you there. You'll have to look for it yourself. Although, maybe if you find Necrosyrtes then they'll give you some. I heard they give dragon stuff away to people they like. Not fairies. We're too70
It's still here.68
Well, no-one knows for sure. The mischievous little creatures are probably related to imps. And they fly as well.67
Catch them, I suppose. I don't know really. Why would you want to?65
Sounds a bit cruel to me, but I suppose that's possible.65
Also, like imps, they love collecting things. I'm not sure why, though. They also seem to like being chased.62
See you around!54
It's still here. The crop circle is still here.42
Nope. It just sat there.37