I've got terrible news! One of our spies has just returned from Zanaris and has reported that the Godfather has enlisted an army of orcs! Apparently they are wandering freely around our homes!1,029
So you're also the idiot who gave that Godfather maniac the Fairy Queen's magic secateurs! 1,024
So you're not evil, you're just not too bright. Well I'm glad you found this place, although if you can find it it's obviously not much of a hiding place, now you can help fix the damage that you've done! 1,023
The first thing we have to do is wake up the Fairy Queen. You will have to go back to Zanaris and find a way to get those magical secateurs back from the Godfather!1,023
Ok, just be careful, his henchmen have keen eyes and will be watching out for him.1,023
No! Stop your majesty!749
I'm afraid it's true your majesty. You see nobody knew that the Godfather was with you when you fought the Tanglefoot...748
has enlisted the aid of orcs and other assorted ruffians, if any of your subjects dared to question him, they were assaulted. I very much suspect that if it wasn't for the quick thinking of Fairy Nuff here, you would be745
Then your majesty, I think it may be worse than I imagined. I suspect the Fairy Godfather attacked you from behind and left you for dead. He has taken over control of Zanaris whilst you, ...sleeping. He740
The Godfather has recruited an army of villains, whilst we just have the few fairies who escaped and although they would gladly follow you into battle, many are still wounded from their treatment at the tyrant's hands. I739
Oh, I've heard of you. You're the young adventurer that defeated the Tanglefoot.733
dead! She fled here with you and as many of your loyal fairies as she could gather. We've been in hiding ever since, until this brave adventurer managed to awaken you.718
must counsel caution, lest this brave hero's efforts are all wasted and the godfather captures you. He won't let you survive a second time.688
I'm so worried about the Queen, without her the fairy people may be chased out of Gielinor completely! You must wake her, for all our sakes!427
Slowly, I'm afraid. We're still trying to come up with a reasonable plan.36
Thank you for your great service to the fairy people, we are indebted to you!26