Just about.1,223
Owww... paaaain.1,215
Help me.1,212
You think things will turn out okay?1,059
Oh thanks, I feel a bit better now.1,045
Ah, thanks. That's a really nice thing to say.1,045
Thank you. Right back at ya!1,019
You're lying. I look dreadful.1,015
Really? In what way?1,013
That's promising. Perhaps I will make it out of here.961
Definitely. A good wash, fresh clothes, a nice meal.631
That's nice, what kind?603
That's really appreciated. Thank you.599
Thank you, your help really is appreciated.538
Not really.378
I must admit it was hard to crawl this far.166
I'm not so sure.129
What's the point?129
That's true.125
Yes. I can't wait!124
Really? I was determined to survive.96
Sorry, I was getting a bit over-excited there, I think.89
I suppose at times I did.66
True, I may never get out of here.64
Well I don't know. What should I do?57
You'd do that for me? That sounds marvellous! I will look forward to it.55
Well it's a start, I suppose. Doesn't sound too promising.44
Oh no, they're coming to get us!44
Oh. Erm. Thanks.26
I know.24
I don't know, probably days. I just can't remember.22
Cuts? I hadn't noticed. Where?21
Oh no, oh no, oh no.21
Easy for you to say!21
Oh, I see. I understand.18
Wouldn't you if you were about to die?17
Monster? What monster?16
I hadn't noticed. Who knows what danger lurks in the shadows. I'm so scared.14
Yes, I am a bit scruffy at the moment.14
Oh, my friend, you really think so?13
On what?13
I'm so glad to have your help. I would never turn it down!13
What makes you say that?10
No, what?10
Yes, I think I've been very lucky.10
Thanks for the support, friend.9
I haven't really thought about it.9
Good point.9
I suppose so. But now that I think about it, I don't know why there are none down here.8
My voice, you mean?8
Will do.8
Oh no, please don't leave me alone!6
You're right. I really should never have come to this island.6
That is true.6
Ill? You can't feel ill, I'm depending on you!6
Is it? I suppose so. Why do you say that?6
I don't think I will survive much longer.5
Oh dear.5
That's okay. I think you deserve it a bit for saving my life.4
I'll try, maybe when I feel a bit stronger.4
You're a bit weird.4
It wouldn't surprise me. I don't seem to be having much luck recently.4
No. Could have been days. I don't remember much after stumbling down the ladder: just crawling.3
Well, I grew up in Ardougne. Erm, I quite enjoy Fishing.3
Yes. Could you perhaps give me a blanket?3
I'll probably be okay. Thanks, though.3
I'm not too sure. What do you think?2
Oh. I hope it's safe.2
I am hungry. Sorry for eating all your food.2
You think?2
Not really, I think I'll stick to living ABOVE ground.2
Oh, okay.2
Sorry to stop you, but are you going to help me?2
Oh no. I don't think I can stand much more.2
Air. I wish I could breathe fresh air.2
Please, I don't...2
Okay, go on.2
Perhaps we can fish together one day?2
I thought so. I'm doomed!2
I know. It hurts to move.2
Time is something I don't have much of.2
Is it really the time to?2
Please go away...2
Depends on what the person is like.2
Oh I do hope so!2
You ought to be careful with that attitude.2
We'll see.2
Arrghh! Where?1
Oh, you scared me to death.1
Oh no please don't go.1
One leg! What the?1
So mean.1
Me too. I'm so scared. Please don't leave me.1
Oh no.1
No, I think I'd rather be left alone.1
And how do you feel?1
Okay, I understand.1
I don't know, I don't think I feel like talking.1
That was bad.1