Is there something I can help ye with?223
I'll be glad to have you aboard, but you will need to go and store all of your gear first.184
Of course you would!179
Well, you will need all of your inventory space for the ingredients, and all of the other things I'll need you to haul about.164
There is a bank deposit box next to Jimmy's stall if you need it. Come and see me when you have a fully empty inventory.127
I don't let anyone on the team if they are wearing a hat or a helmet.107
You can go and store it in the deposit box next to Jimmy's stall.99
Sadly for you I have more than enough people on my crew.86
Arr, well we'll get you sorted out with a team hat right away.84
Go wait in the waiting room, I'll call you when we are ready to begin.69
Well, in order to tell my crew from San Fan's I will need to give you a hat like mine.57
You wouldn't want that would you?43
If you are wearing a hat it might get lost when I give you my crew's hat.42
However, I don't let anyone on the team if they are wearing a hat or a helmet.35
Well, I'll be glad to have you aboard, but you will need to go and store all of your gear first.32
But of course.22
Well we would do, if that hatchet-faced harridan wouldn't keep trying to torch the place!22
A little while ago we had some real problems getting rum to the island, hence the two stills.22
Yes, probably. I have a bunch of jobs that need doing, if you feel up to it.21
As for what this place is, it is my glorious still, producing the best quality 'rum' this side of Braindeath Island.20
However, after a little misunderstanding involving San's still and a barrel of gunpowder our relationship seems to have become a little strained.20
Do you not recognise me? I am the famous dandy pirate 'Fancy' Dan!19
What would you like to know about?19
Apparently it is perfectly within the pirate code to burn each others stills, so long as nobody directly attacks the other person's crew, so rum production has taken a slight dip of late.18
Oh, and the run-down swill-producing ditch that San Fan over there calls a still.17
Anything else?15
Well the stills we have set up are based on the ones on Braindeath island... well roughly at any rate.9
If you add enough ingredients to the hoppers then you have the ability to pick up a single bottle of rum when it brews.8
This is cumulative, meaning that if you add (for example) 10 buckets of water, 3 sweetgrubs and 6 bowls of coloured water, then you have a chance to collect 7 bottles of rum for the team.8
All you have to do is help put the ingredients into the hoppers and keep the boilers burning.8
The boilers are easy as pie to sort out. You just put some logs in, light them with a tinderbox, and then keep putting logs in until they are good and hot.8
Three logs should do it, but it's best to keep heaping them in just in case.7
Sadly for you however, I have more than enough people on my crew.7
So, if ye add 5 buckets of water to the hoppers, then ye get access to one bottle. If you add 3 bowls of coloured water you get access to one bottle, and if you add one of anything else you get access to one bottle.7
The ingredients are; Bitternuts, Scrapey Tree Bark, Sweetgrubs, Buckets of Water and some Coloured Water.7
Well, lacking any sluglings in the area, we add these little grubs called Sweetgrubs. If you ignore the gag- inducing aftertaste, they are quite sweet.4
Quite easily!4
Well, there are a few sweetgrub mounds inside there. We have a handful of rat meat that you can use on the mounds to draw the grubs to the surface.4
Hahahaha! What a mercenary attitude! You'll do fine here.3
Well, for each bottle that your team produces, I'll give you one piece of eight.3
See Honest Jimmy there? He'll trade you some pretty nice stuff for them.3
Inside this walled area there are a few Scrapey trees. They are the big, ill looking ones, you can't miss them.3
It's pretty simple, except the sap tends so make people feel kind off ill if they get any on themselves.3
Don't worry, we aren't talking deadly ill or anything.3
What was what?3
There are plenty of Bitternut trees inside this walled off area. The problem is that the trees are too tricky for a human to climb.3
You will need to catch a monkey and send it up the tree to get the nut for you.3
Well, if you were a monkey, and some random person grabbed you, dumped some dye in your fur and shoved you up a tree, you would hurl the closest heavy object at them too.3
Yes, you'll need to get a bowl of coloured water and pour it on the monkey. Otherwise you won't be able to tell which team the monkey belongs too.3
Pirates are renowned as being tough for a reason.3
Mind your fingers though, they are voracious little things.3
Well, the other still has an area of waste ground with a flower growing on it. If you go and grab one of the flowers and jam it in the kettle, the water will boil out the colour.3
We use the colour to keep our rum easily identifiable.3
No, no, you'll need to take an empty bowl and fill it from the kettle.3
That way you can use the stuff on a monkey if you need to.3
Is there anything else?2
Well, assuming those scurvy dogs have managed to set any of it on fire, then you'll need to tip a bucket of water on it before you can repair it.2
Then, it all comes down to what part of it was damaged.2
Yes, I mean your cat! I HATE cats! Get it out of here!2
Filthy things, no better than the rats that they catch.2
Basically, you cut them down and then carve the bark off with a knife.1
It's more like you'll feel quite dizzy and weak for a bit.1
Ok, here's what you need to do.1
The wood around here is really dry and flammable, so take one of the torches, light it up, and then go and attack the enemy still with it.1
Most of their still is soaked in 'alcohol' and made from tinder dry wood.1
Essentially, if it isn't ours, try using a torch on it and see what happens.1
If you manage to set something on fire then I'll toss in another, same for repairing the still.1
Well, assuming that they are not on fire, all you need to do is use the heavy lumber patches. They are big enough to cover most holes.1
No, just shove it into place and whack it until it lines up.1
Fine. Glad I could help.1
Is that... thing yours?1
Is that...thing yours?1
There are a few lying about. Help yourself.1
There is a pump in the still, so long as it's working you should have almost unlimited water.1
Perish the thought!1
Ok, what else?1