Hello, young sir. Did you want to work on my farm?1,576
Hello, young lady. Did you want to work on my farm?818
Alright. Take a handful of seeds from the table, and head into the farm. When you've harvested some fruit, deposit it straight into the sacks.753
Remember, you have to water the plants at each stage, otherwise they die of the blight. Fertiliser makes them grow faster... or die faster if you don't water them.663
You'll gain a little extra experience if you grow enough of the fruit successfully.590
I grow fruit here. Special fruit. It grows very fast, but it needs a lot of tending, otherwise it gets the blight and dies.278
These days I'm getting old and slow. You can see all the dead plants from where I've tried to farm them.225
I'm a fruit farmer. But now I'm a bit too old for that. Maybe I should try writing books again, like I did when I was younger.92
Well, I'm afraid you're not really suitable.88
No thanks.7
Oh, yes, I remember writing that a long time ago. I told the publisher it should be in the public domain, so that everyone could share the knowledge.1
Of course, that was before I got so old and found I couldn't afford to hire workers for my farm. Oh well, I hope it helped someone. It wasn't much use to anyone around here.1
Ah, fertiliser. I use a lot of that, but I get mine from Hosidius. If you want to give yours to them, go to their storehouse near the bank.1
Once you've got the seeds you want to grow, step through the door into my farm, and get planting.1
Yes, I was friends with the last king, it was very sad when he died. The accusations aimed at poor little Rose were ridiculous.1
It was all nonesense, the king died naturally! He was old, he'd been on the throne for at least 40 years.1
Indeed, he married late and his wife... Unfortunately didn't survive bringing Rose into this world.1
No... After the incident she was locked away. Most have forgotten about her now.1