Please enter the answer to the question.4,150
I have a question for you.3,472
Welcome to the church of holy Saradomin.1,454
That's lucky, I need someone to do a quest for me.1,344
Thank you. The problem is, there is a ghost in the church graveyard. I would like you to get rid of it.1,309
Take care travelling through the swamps, I have heard they can be quite dangerous.1,301
Thank you for getting rid of that awful ghost for me! May Saradomin always smile upon you!1,265
Here, have this.1,175
My name is Father Aereck by the way. Pleased to meet you.933
If you need any help, my friend Father Urhney is an expert on ghosts.899
I believe he is currently living as a hermit in Lumbridge swamp. He has a little shack in the far west of the swamps.874
Exit the graveyard through the south gate to reach the swamp. I'm sure if you told him that I sent you he'd be willing to help.822
Welcome to the church of Holy Saradomin!800
Surely you have heard of the god, Saradomin?687
No, try again.671
It's a shame, isn't it? The castle is even older than this church, and so it's terrible that it would be damaged, even if it's only the cellar.618
He who creates the forces of goodness and purity in this world? I cannot believe your ignorance!606
Which god do you cave goblins worship?594
Not just A god! Saradomin is the god with more followers than any other! At least in this part of the world.583
May Saradomin bless you in all your pursuits!476
Sounds like Zamorak to me! Or one of the minor gods who followed him.416
Saradomin would never be so barbaric.373
We do have stories about a war between the gods. I had always interpreted them as symbolic of the spiritual war between light and darkness in our hearts.291
Last night I was in the kitchen and I heard a noise from the cellar. I opened the trapdoor and saw a creature dart into a hole in the wall.258
Thank you, %USERNAME%! If you can convince the Duke I'm telling the truth then we can get to the bottom of this mystery.256
Saradomin was fighting to bring goodness and order to the universe, but Zamorak was leading the forces of darkness in a bid to bring eternal night to the world!244
I am sure they were engaged in a noble struggle, although perhaps on the wrong side!229
It looked a bit like a goblin, but it had big bulging eyes. It wasn't wearing armour, but it had this odd helmet with a light on it.229
Quite right! The Dorgeshuun have just had bad experiences of them.227
The tunnel was too dark for me to follow it, so I went to tell the Duke. But when we went down to the cellar the hole had been blocked up, and no one believes me.216
Sorry, I only had the one quest.214
Have you got rid of the ghost yet?210
Exactly! You Dorgeshuun have lived in darkness for too long. But now you can come into the light of Holy Saradomin!184
Saradomin was on the brink of victory, but he could not defeat Zamorak without destroying the world.128
That's right. The gods live in our hearts and listen to our prayers, but they no longer walk among us.127
So Saradomin in his mercy allowed Zamorak to flee to another world, and all the gods agreed never again to intervene directly in the world.122
Again, I had always interpreted it as symbolic, but that is how the legend goes.121
Well, you can get to the swamp he lives in by going south through the cemetery.71
I always wondered what that amulet was... Well, I hope it's useful. Tell me when you get rid of the ghost!62
You'll have to go right into the far western depths of the swamp, near the coastline. That is where his house is.47
I told you about the creature I saw. You should go and tell the Duke.39
Great! Put it in the ghost's coffin and see what happens!31
This is the god with more followers than any other! ...At least in this part of the world.29
He who created this world along with his brothers Guthix and Zamorak?28
There... is only one Saradomin...25
It is, isn't it? It was built over 230 years ago.22
Welcome back, Zanik! I hope you have been thinking about our conversation.22
Oh well. If you do have some spare time on your hands, come back and talk to me.15
That WOULD explain it.11
I hate warlocks.11
Ah well, good luck!9
Hmmmmm. Well, I haven't seen any skulls.8
That's... strange.8
I thought things not from this world were all... You know. Slime and tentacles.7
I... beg your pardon?6
Don't worry, I'm sure you'll find it again.3
Oh, did he?2
Aargh! Avaunt foul creature from another dimension! Avaunt! Begone in the name of Saradomin!1
Well, maybe you'll have a use for these?1
I suppose gems are always acceptable rewards!1