What's happening? The wind suddenly picked up! It's a desert sandstorm!989
All right!982
Saradomin protect us! From his own dimension he'll be able to wreak havoc!979
You have to be in position to kill Agrith-Naar as soon as he is summoned. The best way to do that is to infiltrate the group that is summoning him!609
I don't know. You'll have to find some way to convince them you're one of them.609
What brings you to this godsforsaken desert?599
Saradomin be praised! And you have Silverlight! You're willing to help us, then?593
Agrith-Naar is not so much a demon as a force of nature. While he is in his own dimension his evil magics can reach everywhere in the world.230
No one knows how far his power extends, but Reen and I believe that much of the suffering in the world is due to him.214
We've been keeping an eye on Denath for some years now, but we've never been able to move against him.205
He was part of the group that summoned Delrith, but he left Varrock before you arrived and defeated the demon.182
The accident that cripples a man, the storm that sweeps a ship under the sea, the sudden fire in the blood that makes a wolf pack attack a town - all that is Agrith- Naar!178
He's been studying Agrith-Naar for years, but when he brought his group here we knew he was about to make his move.160
How is it going?132
You opened a portal to a demon's realm? That must be why Denath is here!125
I'm not sure. This city is very ancient, and its builders were powerful workers of evil magic.123
As that foul construct over there proves.121
It would be much easier to reach Agrith-Naar's realm from another demon's realm than from the mortal plane.118
Denath must have heard that the portal here was open and decided to make his move!106
The golem, yes! An abomination in the eyes of holy Saradomin! A mockery of life! Right now Denath is more important, but once he is dealt with I should find some way to destroy it.99
I thought golems were servants of evil, but that one helped us to slay a demon. Perhaps golems aren't so bad after all!99
Perhaps there's something here he needs. Do you know what happened here?92
Let's get this ritual over with! I don't want to spend any more time with that golem than I have to!64
All right, I'll wait here.21
So that's Agrith-Naar's true form! Quickly, slay him with Silverlight!16
Saradomin be praised!15
Oh, don't be so simple-minded! You'll be summoning a demon in order to kill it, to rid the world of great evil! You won't really be joining the group, just infiltrating it.14
Oh dear. Do try again. You must be in place when they summon the demon!13
I'm ready to help with the ritual as soon as we have enough people. Let's get that demon!13
But you will need Silverlight for this task. You should go back and get it.12
I was sleeping last night. I'm only human after all!5
But I had this odd dream, about fear and panic, and... fire...5
Oh, that is good! Make sure you are in place when they summon the demon!2
Oh dear. I was hoping %USERNAME% would arrive.1
Of course he isn't! You expect an evil sorcerer to be honest with anyone?1