''...and let Saradomin light the way for you... '' Urgh!985
But I'm busy delivering a sermon to my congregation!982
Ok, ok...what do you want so I can get rid of you and continue with my sermon?976
Ah Romeo, yes. A fine lad, but a little bit confused.970
I agree, and I think I have an idea! A potion to make her appear dead...968
The potion will only make Juliet 'appear' dead...then she'll be taken to the crypt...968
Then Romeo can collect her from the crypt! Go to the Apothecary, tell him I sent you and that you'll need a 'Cadava' potion.968
Can't you see that I'm in the middle of a Sermon?!848
Oh to be a father in the times of whiskey.134
I sing and I drink and I wake up in gutters.72
Ah, have you found the Apothecary yet? Remember, Cadava potion, for Juliet.65
Top of the morning to you.30
Hello adventurer, do you seek a quest?30
To err is human, to forgive, quite difficult.29
I need a think I drink.26
Well, I see poor Romeo wandering around the square. I think he may need help.23
I was helping him and Juliet to meet, but it became impossible.20
I am sure he can use some help.19
Did you find the Apothecary?6
That's a fine career in these lands. There is more that needs killing every day.6
Good! Good work! Ok, take it to Juliet, she's expecting you. I'll talk to Romeo and make sure he knows what to do.5
Drinking will be the death of you.4
And providing you buy one drink an hour they let you stay all night.4
But the Blue Moon in the city is cheap enough.3
mssge? wha messsge?2
Good work. Get the potion to Juliet when you have it, she's expecting you. I'll talk to Romeo and make sure he knows what to do.1
take pwetty stone thingy, thks for mssej.1
oh, msesesge for me.1
here, hve som munny.1