What's happening? This sandstorm came out of nowhere!1,124
Oh no! What can we do?1,076
Oh! Oh dear! I don't think I could take part in a demonic ritual!1,073
Well... all right.964
Thank Saradomin I found you!784
There is an urgent task that only you can do - and only with Silverlight!758
Stop him? No! We want you to wait until Agrith-Naar is summoned and then kill him once and for all!741
My partner Badden and I have been observing the dark wizard Denath, who we believe has been preparing to summon the powerful demon Agrith-Naar.572
Let me explain. Agrith-Naar is not an ordinary demon. He has immense magical powers, and he can use these powers to influence the mortal plane.564
A week ago he took a group of apprentice dark wizards and moved to Uzer, the lost city in the desert. We think he's going to use the city's ancient temple to summon the demon!551
I believe you still have the magical sword Silverlight?546
This summoning is our chance to rid the world of his evil influence!526
You should go to Uzer and find Badden at once. I'll follow once I've finished some business here.526
Excuse me, I'm looking for %USERNAME%. I have an urgent job for him.502
Excuse me, I'm looking for %USERNAME%. I have an urgent job for her.297
But things are different for me! I'm a monk! What if my order found out?181
So Agrith-Naar was trapped in our dimension all along, and didn't have any influence until the wizards un- summoned him?167
They should have known better than to join Denath in his evil schemes!142
I thought slaying him would make the world better, but we've just returned it to how it was before!106
Now, do you recognise this sword?101
Did you go to Uzer to see Badden?89
You must hurry!77
A demonic sigil?!70
You idiot! You lost Silverlight! I found it on the sand!57
You need to take it with you and see Badden in Uzer.51
Are you %USERNAME%?50
I've heard all about how you killed the demon Delrith!49
I thought slaying him would make the world better, but now we're fighting to return it to how it was before!47
Phew! It's too hot for me out here. But at least I found my way through the desert!46
My partner Badden and I are observing another group of wizards, and we think they're planning to summon another demon.43
They haven't found a place to perform their ritual yet, but when they do, we might need your help!35
Summoning a demon! Those wizards make me sick! What kind of sad people would call on a supernatural being to solve their problems for them?12
What? No, that's totally different, because... um... because we always give thanks to Saradomin, even when he doesn't do anything!12
No, it's totally different!11
Oh dear no, you won't get me up in one of those things! What if the magic failed?11
Not like those wizards! They're so full of themselves, with their fancy robes and their rituals!10
May Saradomin bless you! I can see you have many mighty adventures ahead of you.10
No, nothing like that.9
Anyway, there must be something wrong with the way they live in their little group and separate themselves from the rest of society. It can't be healthy.8
Shut up!8
Wait, are you being sarcastic? Because you should know that sarcasm is specifically forbidden in the holy book of Saradomin!7
But the rules of my order say I must wear them!7
Saradomin's rules are once and for all! It is not our place to question them!7
Help! Quickly, use Silverlight!7
Oh! I have something to give you, but you have no space. Free a space then talk to me again.7
We'd better get on with the ritual. Let's get this over with!5
I need to find a demon-slaying hero!4
A group of dark wizards are preparing to summon the demon Agrith-Naar. We need an experienced demon slayer!4
But I don't know of anyone who could help!2