Go away! I'm meditating!2,175
I suppose I'd better talk to you then. What problems has he got himself into this time?1,303
Oh, the silly fool.1,294
It is an Amulet of Ghostspeak.1,285
I leave town for just five months, and ALREADY he can't manage.919
Tell you what I can do though; take this amulet.889
Maybe if you know what this task is, you can get rid of the ghost. I'm not making any guarantees mind you, but it is the best I can do right now.873
So called, because when you wear it you can speak to ghosts. A lot of ghosts are doomed to be ghosts because they have left some important task uncompleted.830
Well, I can't go back and exorcise it. I vowed not to leave this place. Until I had done a full two years of prayer and meditation.825
How careless can you get? Those things aren't easy to come by you know! It's a good job I've got a spare.600
Be more careful this time.529
Under what grounds???106
What? What houses? What ARE you talking about???55
But... I don't have a mortgage! I built this house myself!51
Yeah. For example, when we were trainee priests he kept on getting stuck up bell ropes.34
You come here wasting my time... Has it even occurred to you that you've got it stored somewhere? Now GO AWAY!30
Oh... go away and stop wasting my time!26
Anyway. I don't have time for chitchat. What's his problem THIS time?25
What are you talking about? I can see you've got it with you!20
At last! The voice of Saradomin! My years of meditation have paid off!4
O mighty Saradomin! What is your message to me?4
Oh, thank you Saradomin! I will meditate on what this message means!4
How careless can you get? Those things aren't easy to come by you know! Now clear some space in your inventory and I'll give you another one.2