I can only train overgrown cats into wilycats.1,151
Yes I saw that, now what can I do for you? Don't keep me overly long, I'm trying to complete my poem.1,033
You should really name your cat.762
Of course, of course, they're the highest form of cat that I know of. 761
Wily cats need looking after or else they get fat and lazy.689
They're tougher, stronger and faster than other variations of cat, they can catch butterflies and kalphite larva and are far superior to any other type of cat at hunting.687
The key is to keep it active, bring it hunting or to the ratpits regularly. 681
They would get fat and lazy, be much worse at hunting and would show you up as a really poor cat trainer.661
Yes you can get your lazy cat back in shape with a lot of rat catching, but you really shouldn't let it get into that state in the first place.646
Try keep it happy too, they can be a little nasty when they're cranky.599
Indeed, word has gotten to me from our other ratcatcher chapters that you are quite a talent.505
Modesty, a trait seldom displayed by adventurers these days. 501
Epic poems of bravery and heroics aren't usually commissioned by the shy and retiring.496
No, not yet.495
Indeed I do. It's for this very reason that I requested to talk to you.494
Nothing too difficult, just rid the port of every single rat, with just one action.494
I want to write a new poem.494
No I need you to carry out just one task for me.493
Well seagulls rarely make good central characters. They're a bit too ... uhm.... flighty. 491
I myself carried out the very same feat once upon a time.489
It's all about objectivity and integrity. I need to be utterly divorced from the process.488
No. Therein lies the challenge.488
Too many more like you and I'll lose half of my business.403
Besides the poem is about me not you.379
I'll only help you name wily or lazy cats. Bring me one and I'll help you out.126
You already have a mature cat, look after that first.88
You haven't completed the task yet.68
Rid the port of all its rats with one action.60
Do you have any other questions about the pits?27
Well what do you want to know?22
You should wear an amulet of catspeak. It will allow you to organise tactics with your cat.17
Well, that depends on your outlook, whether you're ready to risk your cat's life or not and how defensive or aggressive you want your cat to be.17
It depends on what kind of cat you have.16
In the Port Sarim pits, your cat will become happier and fitter after fighting.16
Has the face being telling tall tales again?12
Well if that's the case then your are left with two choices.8
You can adopt an ultra defensive strategy, which increases your cat's hitpoints and defence, the drawback to this is that your cat will flee sooner.8
Here take this, you might find it useful7
In that case you are left with two choices.6
Your other option is to adopt a less defensive strategy which will allow your cat to stay in the pit for longer.5
You could go for all out attack which will boost your cat's attack and strength, but weaken it4
In that case you should tell your cat, 'Just take care of yourself cat.'4
or go for a less aggressive stance which will increase your cat's strength and attack to a lesser degree, but carries no defensive penalties.3
In that case you should tell your cat, 'Go berserk!'3
In that case you should tell this to your cat, 'No guts, no glory!'2
In that case you should tell your cat, 'Stay in for as long as you can.'2