Oh that's *hic* not very *hic* nice ...1,008
Abso *hic* lutely. Never *buuurrp* better.1,007
How *hic* do I look?1,006
I was Rologarth, Lord of the North Coast - this castle was once mine. Fenkenstrain was the castle doctor.1,005
No - it was him I wager - Fenkenstrain - wasn't it? He's brought me back to life!1,004
Is that what he told you? No, no, this castle was once full of people and life. Fenkenstrain advised me to sell them to the vampyres, which - I am sad to say - I did.1,003
Of that I will not speak. There lie memories that should rest with the dead, the living unable to bear them.1,001
Only one - please stop Fenkenstrain from carrying on his experiments, once and for all, so that no other poor soul has to endure suffering such as that of my people and I.996
Take the Ring of Charos from him.66
It was my birthright, passed down to me through the ages, its origin forgotten.61
The Ring of Charos has many powers, but Fenkenstrain has bent them to his own evil purposes. Without the power of the ring, he will not be able to raise the dead from their sleep.56
It has one other, extremely important use - it confuses the werewolves' senses, making them believe that they smell one of their own kind. Without the ring, Fenkenstrain will be at their mercy.56