Welcome wanderer.3,356
Well, if you'd like, I can make it so you respawn in our Enclave. It'll put you right in the heart of all the chaos that surrounds us.1,353
You're surrounded by a relic of a long lost kingdom.1,183
Oh, I couldn't really tell you that.1,169
I search for knowledge. I want to know what happened to this part of the world.1,109
This place has sat in ruin for an age, slowly destroyed by the harsh climate of the Wilderness.1,095
It is, but that's why it's needed! Look around, you can see how many others share my opinion.1,051
Whilst looking for answers, I slowly turned this broken town into a safe haven for travellers. Welcome to Ferox Enclave.1,023
You'll find yourself quite safe inside my enclave - the protective barriers should keep any troublemakers out.973
I will warn you though, if you've had Teleblock cast upon you, I will not allow you back into the Enclave. You'd be a danger to the others gathered here.967
This is how it'll work: When you die, you'll respawn right here in Ferox Enclave, just outside the pub we've set up. You will lose your items as normal of course. 903
I won't be able to do anything if you die somewhere like Castle Wars or the Duel Arena, they have their own magic to keep you safe.843
It'll cost you though! Transporting you here is no easy task. 5 million coins should do it, that'd be a one time fee of course.834
Understandable, you'd have to be a brave man to be carrying that much gold out here.415
Come find me if you change your mind.208
Thank you, you'll respawn in the Enclave from here on out.188
Understandable, you'd have to be a brave woman to be carrying that much gold out here.164
Ah yes, you'll be able to collect them from me, once you've got some targeted kills that is.116
Tread carefully my friend.95
Ah yes! I've been told to hold onto some hats for you, for your uhm... deeds in the wilderness.79
So be it.44
Here you go, enjoy!31
Would you like to respawn back in Ferox Enclave again?23
The Wilderness takes a toll on a man's soul. Are you sure you can handle it?21
Fair enough, it has been done.21
How are you finding our sanctuary?19
I'm afraid you've already got one of those hats, I can't let you have another.16
I can only give you one of these, so here you go.10
Here you go.6
Can't say I blame you, the Wilderness starts to wear down the soul after a while.6
But are you sure? Come and see me if you want to respawn in our Enclave again; I won't need any more money from you.6
By Zamorak! Keep that thing away from me!6
Can't say I blame you, this wouldn't be my choice either.5
I'm afraid you've got nowhere to put a hat if I gave one to you.2
The Wilderness takes a toll on a woman's soul. Are you sure you can handle it?1