Oh really.. Have you placed all the items on the stones? Ok, well, lets try! ~ The druid attempts to cast a spell. ~1,366
Hello again! I don't suppose you've found out what the other components of the Nature spell are have you?1,094
Did you manage to get something from nature?978
Well, hello there again, I was just enjoying the grotto. Many thanks for your help, I couldn't have become a Spirit of nature without you.923
Wonderful, the mushroom represents 'something from nature'. Now we need to work out what the other components of the spell are!921
Aha, everything seems to be in place! You can come through now into the grotto for the final section of my transformation.910
Oh, I understand you! At last, someone who doesn't just mumble. I understand what you're saying!872
What?! Don't be preposterous! I'm not a ghost! How could you say something like that?872
Will you help me to become a nature spirit? The directions for becoming one are a bit vague, I need three things but I know how to get one of them. Perhaps you can help collect the rest?865
Don't be silly, I can see you, I can see that tree. If I were dead, I wouldn't be able to see anything.. What you say just doesn't reflect the truth. You'll have to try harder to pull one over on me!864
Well, the book says, that I need, and I quote:- 'Something with faith', 'something from nature' and 'something of the 'spirit-to-become' freely given'. Hmm, I know how to get something from nature.864
Hmm, it does and I could understand if you didn't want to help. However, if you could perhaps at least get the item from nature, that would be a start. Perhaps we can figure out the rest as we go along.864
This spell needs to be cast in the swamp after you have been blessed. I'm afraid you'll need to go to the temple to the North and ask a member of the clergy to bless you.864
Well, that is the most peculiar thing I've ever experienced. This mirror must somehow be dysfunctional. Strange how well it reflects the stagnant swamp behind me, but there is nothing of my own863
My journal! That should help to collect my thoughts.863
It's all coming back to me now. It looks like I came to a violent and bitter end but that's not important now. I just have to figure out what I am going to do now?862
It is required if you're to cast this druid spell. Once you've cast the spell, you should find something from nature. Bring it back to me and then we'll try to figure out the other things we need.862
I think you might be right my friend, though I still feel very much alive. It is strange how I still come to be here and yet I've not turned into a Ghast.861
I must complete the transformation now. Just stand there and watch the show, apparently it's quite good!833
visage apparent.658
Oh, hello... Sorry, you've caught me at a bad time, it's just that I've had a sign you see and I need to find my journal.646
It must be a sign... Yes a sign... I must try to find out what it means. Now, where did I put my journal?644
Well, if I knew that, I wouldn't still be looking for it. However, I do remember something about a knot? Perhaps I was meant to tie a knot or something?574
Why you poor fellow, have you passed away and you want to send a message back to a loved one?460
You have come to haunt my dreams until I pass on your message to a dearly loved one. I understand. Pray, tell me who would you like me to pass a message on to?456
Don't be silly now! That in no way reflects the truth!444
Aha, yes, that seems right well done!440
Hmm, something still doesn't seem right. I think we need something more before we can continue.422
Oh, it's quite.... Oh... Trying to catch me out were you! Anyone can clearly see that I am not a ghost!349
No I won't take offence because I'm not dead and I'm afraid you'll have to come up with some pretty conclusive proof before I believe it. What a strange dream this is.343
Cannot wake up... Where am I?339
Oh, hello there, do you still think I'm dead? It's hard to see how I could be dead when I'm still in the world. I can see everything quite clearly. And nothing of what you say reflects the truth.301
What did I write down now? Put it in the knot hole.289
Ahhrs Oooohh arhhhhAHhhh.251
Sure, but please look after this one.209
In my former incarnation I was Filliman Tarlock, a great druid of some power. I spent many years in this place, which was once a forest and I would wish to protect it as a nature spirit.206
The three things are: 'Something with faith', 'something from nature' and 'something of the spirit-to-become freely given'.152
Yes, that's correct, that seems right to me. The other things we need are 'something with faith' and 'something of the spirit-to-become freely given.146
I'm sorry my friend, but I do not.145
Hmm, well you're a poetic one aren't you. Your material world logic stands you in good stead... If you're standing in the material world...144
Please come down into the grotto, we have much to discuss.109
Thanks for the journal, I've been reading it. It looks like I came to a violent and bitter end but that's not really important. I just have to figure out what I am going to do now?81
Ah yes, I looked this up. It says,.. 'to arrange upon three rocks around the spirit-to-become...'. Then I must cast a spell. As you can see, I've already placed the rocks. I must have planned to do this before I died!78
Well, the only thing the journal says is that 'something with faith stands south of the spirit-to-become', but I'm so confused now I don't really know what that means. Oh, if only I had all my faculties!76
Hello there, have you been blessed yet?70
Well, hurry up!59
Well, you need to bring 'something from nature', 'something with faith' and 'something of the spirit-to- become freely given.'40
Hmm, it is a conundrum, however, if you use that Bloom spell I gave you, you should be able to get something from nature. Once you have that, we may be able to puzzle the rest out.38
Won't you help me to become a nature spirit? I could really use your help!34
Yes, I know, I'm already dead! Thanks for reminding me.24
You've already got one! You don't need two!20
Well, when you cast the spell, did anything happen? The spell has the ability to grow things within a certain range of the caster. Keep trying until you manage to get something to bloom.19
Oh, keep hold of that, I may need it later.18
Hmm, that doesn't seem quite right.18
I would my friend, but you don't seem to have enough space in your inventory.1