Check the garden to see if anything needs tending.2
I'm sure there should be something growing in the garden.2
Happy as a demon in a Lava pit.1
What a wet blanket, Bob can look after himself.1
This guy gets on my nerves.1
Oh my, you win... a biscuit!1
ANYONE would be 'cleverer'!1
Unferth's cat? Pfft! Unferth is Bob's human!1
Bob didn't come home this week.1
I don't think there is a problem, Bob is probably chasing females again!1
Hi Bob!1
The humans have been looking for you, they get worried too easily.1
What's up?1
Wow! He's got it bad! Real bad! I never thought I'd see the day!1
Does Neite feel the same way about you?1
Don't you know who your parents are?1
Don't you have any memory of your parents?1
%USERNAME% let's go and talk to Gertrude! Perhaps she knows who Bob's parents are!1
Come on! We can help Bob!1
I'm fine thanks.1
We don't have time for this, Bob could be in trouble! Tell her to get on with it.1
I do hope you're joking. These claws are real you know, none of your bronze nonsense.1
Hang on, maybe this is something to do with the legend... yes, it just might. Have you ever heard of Robert the Strong?1
Ask Gertrude if she knows anything.1
Good old Gertrude! Come on, lets go.1
I'll explain later!1
Go on. Ask him.1
Hi Neite!1
Bob is Robert the Strong!1
The Sphinx hypnotised Bob. Bob told us about when he was Robert the Strong fighting Dragonkin.1
Don't tell him you're doing his chores!1
Part of the cat-human relationship is to let them believe they are in control.1
You've finished that chore.1
Well done, that's all the chores finished!1
Let's talk to Unferth to see if there's anything else we can do.1
Now what?!1
Nothing, I bet!1
I guess you're right, there is the Apothecary in Varrock.1
I never did like that guy!1
I have a few suggestions!1
Theres something wrong with his head!1
We could offer to bonk him on the head with a big hammer.1
Indeed! Bob should be back by now, let's go find him.1
This guy is unbelievable!1
A little older than I was before and not as old as I will be in another bit.1
Well your idea of time and mine are too different for either of us to understand the other.1
Well for one I don't count the time I spend in your bank - which is horribly boring nor in your bag.1
I'm just getting started. Now there is also a difference in cat years and human years. To approximate time in cat years you take a value in years subtract 1 multiply it by 4 and then add 16.1
I said approximate not calculate. Anyway it only works once the cat is 1 year old. Anyway the last complication is the discrepancy of rune years and earth years, which to date nobody has worked out.1
Uh.. I don't know. I must be so old now that I've forgotten what age I am.1
Surgery. That's the answer to all our problems.1
I don't know. Have you tried looking yet?1
I'm feeling a bit like a ghost in a cake shop.1
You know... In need of exorcise.1