Relaxing after a long day at the factory.9
If I keep up this winning streak, I mightn't have to go into work tomorrow.9
Not at all, I'm up 10 coins so far.9
The Keldagrim pits cater for those with the larger variety of cats. 9
If you have an overgrown cat and a couple of coins you can challenge someone else who also has an overgrown cat and some spare change.9
You then agree on a wager. It's rumoured that some ratcatchers can talk to their own cats and give them tactics to aid them.9
I was just getting to that. Both the challengers' cats are placed inside the arena, and whichever kills 9 rats first wins.8
No, not now, we don't really bet with outsiders.3
I don't know, maybe once you've done something to win over my trust.3
No. Regular townsfolk don't like us, which leads us to distrust them and anyone else.3
I agree. Cats have been known to be killed in fights.2
Of course there is, you can instruct it to be cautious, and it will leave once it feels as if it is in danger.2
That depends on how you value your cat.2
Well if your cat dies or it runs away you lose. 2
So the longer it stays in the fight the better chance you have of winning.1
Hmmm... let me think. I don't think that's ever arisen but I think it's 20,000.1
You'd be surprised what some people would be willing to bet.1
There is a minimum bet of 100 coins too.1