If you say so.413
I suppose it slipped my mind. Surely it can't be of any importance, a runt like that?412
Not that I could see, no. And I do recall I spent some good time looking for him.400
I have no idea. I couldn't find him at the feast, so I left to secure them myself.394
It's the cabin boys' job to ensure that the rigging and sails have been safely secured before disembarking the ship.388
Well, clearly it slipped my mind.378
Oh, do calm down, it was nothing particularly interesting.370
What? Well of COURSE I was at that feast all ni...362
I have absolutely no idea what on earth you are talking about.347
Night in question? Phony? Secret?340
Oh, what on Gielinor are you on about now?338
Pirates Regulations #445-328.277
It's not one of my usual responsibilities, so obviously I didn't think much of it.273
I merely had to inspect the rigging was secure before the ship was docked securely for the night.271
It's one of those things you have to do, in case a storm blows up while we're asleep and yanks the ship off to sea unattended.269
...Hmmm. You know, now that you come to mention it, you are correct, I did leave the feast.257
What ARE you blathering about now?241
You're finally confessing to being a stowaway and a jinx?236
I knew he was up to no good.16
What? What ARE you talking about?12
Deny what? You come in here, spouting some random bilge at me, with a flurry of accusations, and expect anyone to take you seriously?12
I see.12
Hmmm. Well, I'm sure the crew have more sense than to listen to the insane babble of a stowaway, especially not one whose rantings are designed to cover his own jinxed11
I must say I am extremely glad you are only here temporarily, I would hate for any of my crew to have any sort of dealing with you.11
A stowaway, a jinx, AND a liar.10
Please make sure you close the door on your way out.10
I have literally never seen anything like it! The ship seemed to... I don't know, suddenly swing round as we approached shore!10
Well done!10
Well, my first thought would be that we have jinx aboard.9
Yes, a jinx. Someone who has recently come aboard and seems to be bringing us bad luck. If it is a jinx, the only answer would be to throw them9
Well, you had better hope it isn't your fault. If there's one thing I hate more than a stowaway, it's a jinx.9
Really? Then you had best speak to him about it.9
then somehow we were right back where we started! This is all very peculiar if you ask me, I have never seen anything like it in all of my years on the high seas.8
You just recently came aboard the ship yourself didn't you? Because I don't recall us having any trouble before you showed up.8
I quite agree. Perhaps you should leave?7
Hmmm. Well, you had best do that then, and stop disturbing me.7
overboard as shark food.7
It is customary when stowing away on a vessel to not introduce yourself to the Captains First Mate, oh foolish one.7
I see. Well, don't distract me as I'm making preparations for departure.7
You had better get some evidence quickly as well, I would so hate to have to kill you. Killing someone really tends to ruin my day.6
Try not to distract any of the crew either, Zamorak knows it's hard enough to get them to do any work around here without strangers wandering round the ship asking them inane questions.6
Yes, and I believe I'm looking right at him. Would this jinx also be a stowaway?4
Is it now? That sounds like exactly the kind of thing that a stowaway and a jinx might say to throw suspicion off of himself.4
Ah, so you finally admit you are a stowaway and a jinx!4
Well, for your sake I hope you're right. Killing people is such a chore.4
Good question. We have a diplomatic consession at the turn of the financial year. Said pirate is chosen should the existing mate be absent without leave.4
Yes, and I believe I'm looking right at her. Would this jinx also be a stowaway?3
It is. I'm just pulling your leg.3
What of it?2
Well of course. Even the first officer has to have a little relaxation every so often.2
Well, of course not. Even in my spare time I have to show a little decorum.2
Set an example to the men and all that.2
Absolutely not.2
No I didn't, and let me assure you that if I HAD they would have been most severely reprimanded by myself if not by the Captain.2
I won't tolerate that kind of behaviour amongst my crew, even if they are in their free time.2