Hi! I don't get many visitors here!1,161
Why, that's easy!1,008
You must be blind then. There's ALWAYS bells there when I go to the castle.1,005
Just ring one of the bells outside.787
Great work outerlander! With this, I can finally catch enough fish to make an honest living from it! Here, have the stupid rare fish.585
Ah, so even outerlanders have heard of my amazing catch the other day!251
As exotic looking as it is, it is bad eating. I will happily trade it if you can find me the secret map of the best fishing spots that the navigator has hidden away.251
Indeed it is, outerlander. The only reason I sit out here in the cold all day long is so I don't have to pay his outrageous prices.249
By getting me his copy of that map, I will finally be self sufficient. I might even make a profit!210
Welcome back brother %FREMENNIK_NAME%. It has been too long since last we spoke! The fish are really biting today!134
Not amazing. Not many fish can live in this gungey stuff. I remember when this was a pleasant river teeming with every sort of fish...103
What do you want, outsider?99
You are not part of our family...80
Lost to us.. She is Lost to us...68
Below the deep, deep blue she waits...68
Welcome back sister %FREMENNIK_NAME%. It has been too long since last we spoke! The fish are really biting today!62
Soon you will be... Soon you will...54
I never saw anything like that in my store before.52
They came to her with fire and faith...50
Trapped by the light... Lost and trapped...48
Too many... Too many...47
Locked away for all eternity...47
Trapped... In stone and darkness...45
Free... Soon to be free...44
This place used to be very beautiful, however, as our king grows old and weak, the land seems to be dying too.43
Free of the deep blue we are...39
Must escape the blue.. Deep deep blue38
Must find family...34
Keep away human... Leave or face the deep blue...33
Port Piscarilius have given me permission to catch anglerfish, this is the only place you can find them!30
Indeed I am, outerlander. Why do you ask?27
a new home...25
Away.. Away to her...25
Aye, that is indeed true.25
You will all end up in the blue... Deep deep under the blue...24
Soon we will all be together...24
Family... Under the blue... Must escape the blue...24
You can have my vote on the day the skies turn red, the waters turn pink, the rocks turn yellow and the sun turns black.24
I'm telling you that I will never vote for you, you stupid outerlander.24
We must find...23
She is coming...22
We must leave this place...22
Must find family... They are all under the blue... Deep deep under the blue...22
Only friends of Port Piscarilius are allowed to fish here.18
I have heard good things about you, outsider. You will need a fishing rod and some sandworms to use as bait, if you need supplies, try Tynan's shoreside store.15
Me neither, outerlander. That is why I gave it to you.10
Only friends of Port Piscarilius are allowed to know such things, I'm afraid.8
You should pay attention when I speak! I already told you, that rip off navigator has it, and I want it!5
Don't talk to me outerlander. Anything you have to say to me, you can say to the Chieftain. Goodbye.2
I have heard good things about you, outsider, however, you will need to train your fishing skill before catching these.2