Don't trouble yourself further, Your Highness, you've already done so much!453
I'm sorry, Your Royal Highness, but it scares the fish when people cross there. Please don't.155
I don't like it when people cross there. It scares the fish. Please don't.142
Good day, Your Royal Highness.82
%NUMBER%% of people approve of you.58
Have you managed to get our goods back from those Etceterian soldiers?28
Who are you again?28
I'm painting my toenails... what's it look like I'm doing? Silly outsider...18
You know very well what I'm doing, Your Royal Highness.15
You hadn't heard, your Royal Highness? Etceterian soldiers came and demanded tithes from us.9
You're the only person we give any of our goods to, so we refused, and found the next day that some of our goods had been stolen.7
Don't trouble yourself further, Sir, you've already done so much!7
Don't trouble yourself further, Madam, you've already done so much!6