Ah, you've lost your net have you? Have another!129
Ahoy, to fish, you click on the shrimp fishin' spot while ye'r carrying a net.89
There's far more as you progress - not just shrimps. You get more equipment, bigger fish and other things too...68
When you have a full inventory, you can cook it or take it to the bank. You can find a bank on the roof of the castle in Lumbridge and a cookin' range in the castle kitchen.54
I see you already have a net.47
Aye, as you get better and better you'll find that you can fish things like Tuna and Swordfish. These be very good for combat.44
A young and enthusiastic fisher. Try south of Draynor Village or the pier on the island of Karamja to fish for Shrimp at level 1 or Sardines at level 5. Aye, me parrot concurs.24
Me parrot Percy on me shoulder thar! Arr!24
Of course, after that you will get Shark, and if you venture out onto the Trawler from Port Khazard, you can then get Manta Ray or Sea Turtle, very good eatin' on one of them.23
You can also use a fishing potion if you can get your hands on one and just need that little edge.. ask someone who is familiar with herblore.23
Now.. quests...18
Can't rightly say's there's any I know of that you could handle at the moment, but come back when you're a bit more experienced and I'm sure I can give you a clue.11
I can show ye on that map of yours if ya like?10
Tuna and Swordfish can be harpooned - if you're good enough - from the thrivin' fishing village of Catherby, or if you can get in try the Fishin' Guild. Level 35 for Tuna and 50 for Swordfish.9
You can also go talk to Murphy and see if you can use his trawler to catch Manta Ray and Sea Turtle if you're really good... Gar!8
Arrr, choose carefully where and what you fish, you can get different fish in different places throughout the land.6
Head over to south of the Legends Guild and East of Ardougne and find Caroline. This will have you investigating some strange happenings on the fishing platform.5
Herrin' can be fished from south of Draynor Village or the pier on the island of Karamja when you reach level 10.5
Congratulations, you can now harpoon Swordfish after level 50. Try the pier on the island of Karamja.4
Then of course there is always the trawler...4
Make sure you hang on to your fish, don't throw them away as you can get valuable cooking experience from them, gar! Look out for other things too...4
You can use that Lobster pot from the pier on the island of Karamja to get yourself a whole bunch of the little critters once you reach level 40.3
Head over to Tai Bwo Wannai Village on the Isle of Karamja and speak to Timfraku to solve a strange mystery.3
Bass can be caught at level 46 in your big net if you wander along to Catherby.2
Some rich rewards for big net fishin', make sure you be using a big net fishing spot though...2
Pike can be fished from Lumbridge river using your fishing rod and some bait with at least level 25 fishing.2
Arrr.. if yer lookin' fer quests you should head over to the Mountain Dwarf who lies north-west of Taverley and have a chat with him, I'm sure he can point you in the right direction.2
You can use a big net to catch Mackerel from Catherby when you reach level 16.2
You can use your fishin' rod and some bait to catch Cave Eel in the caves below Lumbridge Swamp at level 38.1
You can use your small net to catch Anchovies from south of Draynor when you reach level 15.1
If you venture to Port Khazard north of Yanille and speaks to me cabin boy Murphy, he can let you and a bunch of friends use his trawler to fish with... Just make sure you take a bailing bucket or two.1
Ahoy, there's also the fishin' guild if ya skilled enough, you can find it south west of Seers' Village.1
You can practice your fly fishin' in the Lumbridge river to catch Trout at level 20.1