I'm looking through these notes you found but there's nothing here.796
I... I don't understand...790
As in nothing. It's just a load of rubbish. Why would Serafina have written this?780
Indeed I am. It's not a quick process I'm afraid. Large parts of the book are written using the vampyric language which isn't easy to translate.495
That would actually make a lot of sense. We've always wondered how Serafina managed to survive all of the challenges in the Theatre.482
I do. I'll stay here and keep working on this book. You head out and see if you can find out what Serafina discovered. Safalaan should be able to help you.482
The book seems to document a lot of the experiments being performed in that lab you found. Interestingly, the experiments were performed on vampyres themselves, as well as humans.481
I haven't got that far yet I'm afraid.480
Serafina? As in the Serafina who survived the Theatre of Blood?480
What did he say?479
That's the more interesting one. As we're already aware, vampyres possess some form of immunity against our attacks.476
It looks like they had two reasons. First of all they were looking for a way to increase the amount of blood that can be harvested from a human.475
This book implies that the vampyres immunity isn't perfect and that it can be overcome. It seems they were trying to improve this immunity.395
It appears that they were trying to use the power of haemalchemy to modify both humans and vampyres.386
Unsurprisingly, the vampyres here have multiplied much faster than the humans. Perhaps there's no longer enough blood to go around.378
But what if she never needed to? Maybe she took advantage of the vampyres weakness and forced them to let her leave?365
It starts off as only partial in juveniles and juvinates but by the time they become vyres they are totally invulnerable.353
There are some that believe there is a hidden power in blood. Haemalchemy is the act of modifying blood, both magically and scientifically, to harness this power.185
Oh yes. It seems to be very old and they don't use it much anymore but it does exist. I suspect it comes in quite useful for things like this where they don't want humans prying into their work.183
Like I say, it's slow. My knowledge on the language only comes from things I've seen around the city so I'm having to make a lot of assumptions. I'm making progress though.181
It seems that the vampyres are strong believers in the power of haemalchemy as they've been experimenting quite heavily.167
Hello there. I'm afraid I'm quite busy at the moment. You should talk to Safalaan if you need something.62
Not yet. I'll let you know once I have something. In the meantime, you should check in with Safalaan.35
We need to find out what Serafina discovered about the vampyres. Talk to Safalaan, he should be able to help you.32
Hello again, %USERNAME%. Did you find out anything about Serafina?13
Great! Hand them over then.13
Thanks. I'll start looking over them to see what we can learn. In the meantime, you should check in with Safalaan.12
Please don't be childish, %USERNAME%. I need to see these notes to work out if they're useful or not.1