Get out of it! You ain't comming in here to get our blood or our food!1,562
Hey! Don't try to sweet talk me. I know you want something! But we got nothing! Nothing!1,236
What blood we've got, we're keeping for ourselves! You can tell that stinking Vanstrom to go suck a cow's udder!878
And as for food, why we've barely got enough to feed ourselves. So you ain't having none!778
Blimey, did you see that? He put some food in the chest for us! He's probably not after anything!675
You probably want to eat it all and we ain't gonna let you!438
Well, that's as maybe, but yous probably wants to drink ours blood! And you aint having it and you aint coming in!437
This is our town! We live here. It's called Burgh de Rott, and you ain't coming in!433
We escaped from the vampyres. They had us trapped in Meiyerditch to drink our blood! Yuck!430
As if you don't know! It's that dark city to the east where humans are kept like animals to feed those greedy evil vampyres!425
Yeah, okay then eh! No way! You can't trick me like that!419
Your probably one of them stinking vampyres in disguise! You ain't coming in!388
We don't care. You probably want our food then, so you ain't coming in!385
Blimey, did you see that? She put some food in the chest for us! She's probably not after anything!373
Hey! Stay away from our stuff!338
How do you mean, 'out of the way'?313
Ah, right, I know what you mean. Hmm, let's think now...312
Listen, if you do decide to join us here, we'll expect you to contribute. You know, help to fix things up a bit.312
Well, there's the inn. You could look there I suppose. The cellar would have been useful, but the trapdoor down to it is covered with rubble from a broken wall.285
The cellar itself is probably filled with rubble as well. But you may be able to do something with it.266
Hey it's the hero! Thank you so much for saving us from Gadderanks. And the town is looking lovely as well. You've done a great job!187
Hey, we're all wondering what you put in that chest...138
It's really good of you to put something in that chest for us!129
Hey there. How's it going?115
Hey, what did you put in that chest? Is it something tasty, like a nice cooked snail? Or perhaps a well matured piece of cheese with some fresh bread? Ohhh, I bet it's dead tasty...112
This is our town! We's live here. It's called Burgh de Rott. It aint much to look at, but it's our home.70
We dare not leave the town for fear that the vampyres might spot us and force us to pay a blood tithe.53
We're all very weak and would most likely die if they took more blood from us.51
Well obviously we just don't seem to get out to the shops like we used to!50
We can only stay in the village and there's precious little food in here, just rats to live on! Not very appetising.49
There's also nowhere to store any food around here, the town is incredibly run down.45
Not that it makes much difference but my name's Florin. Like all the other survivors here, I just try to make do and get through each day at a time.43
Oh, my name's Florin. I just help out around here, you know, looking for food and so on.33
My name's Florin. I do a bit of this, a bit of that. Just try to survive really, there's nothing much else we can do.30
Oh, that's good to know.18
Blimey, did you see that? He put some food in the casket for us! He's probably not after anything!16
Oh, that's very kind of you!16
Blimey, did you see that? She put some food in the casket for us! She's probably not after anything!15
Not as far as I know. We have some basic amenities now which is so very useful and we're all incredibly grateful to you.14
Perhaps you'd consider fixing up the general store. Go and have a chat with Aurel if you want more details.13
I've never really seen or known a hero before, so I have nothing to compare one to, but I suspect in most people's judgement, you would be one! I for one am very pleased to have met you.12
Hey there. So you're looking to clear out the cellar at the inn? How's it going?10
Oh well, I'm sure you can manage.9
Hello there. Thank you so much for all of your work so far. We all really appreciate it.7
Oh, not much really. We're all still hiding from the vampyres and eking out a living from this terrible place.7
It's barely a town. I mean, not exactly a breeding ground for high society is it?7
You've already done quite a lot and we're all super grateful. That said, I overheard someone saying how great it would be if the old furnace were up and working again.6
Hopefully soon we'll be strong enough to make the journey across the Salve.6
At least we can hide from the vampyres here though. Hopefully we can start to get things up and running soon. You know, some of the trappings of normal life.5
Well done big shot! The smoke from the furnace attracted Gadderanks and his juvinates. They've set up a blood tithing station in the general store!4
It's just perfect. Thanks so much for your efforts.4
Yeah, what can I do ya for?3
He's some human lackie for the vampyres. His job is to collect blood tithes from all the villages around here. He goes around with his juvinate bodyguards because he's too weak to defend himself.3
Well, it would look a lot nicer if someone managed to fix up the general store I think.1
Oh, that's nice, but weren't you helping out Aurel?1
I'd go and have a chat with him again if I were you.1
Sure, go ahead.1
It would be good if you could fix the bank up. I'd suggest starting with the bank booth first.1
A form of vampyre. They're stronger than juveniles but not as bad as a full-blown vyre. Still, no one that I've seen has ever gotten the better of one.1
If I were you, I'd get out of town. Now that Gadderanks is here, I doubt many people will stay around!1
Ha! In your dreams. He's set up in the general store if you want to give it a go. It's your funeral though!1