The workers are getting restless, Caranock.831
All this talk of Glough being replaced doesn't bode well for ... how shall I put this ... their morale.670
Those are all men with children to feed. Famished families. Worried wives. All of us rely on this shipyard.612
First, Glough disappears. Then news of a missing squad of the Royal Guard in our area. And what about that human sent by the King?592
I am still worried. What am I meant to tell the men?591
I hope you're right, Caranock, for your sake. My sake. For all of our sakes...581
If something isn't done soon, there'll be revolt. And I won't be able to stop it.577
What something? You're always working on something. All we ever hear is bad news.576
Tell me again why you're here.508
By the way how is Glough? Still with his wife?502
That's right, and you are...?488
Right. Glough sent a human?484 that case we'd better go to my office.482
Right answer. I have to watch for imposters.474
I mean, for the kind of battleships Glough's ordered I'll need tons and tons of lumber! Still, if he says he can supply the wood I'm sure he can! Anyway, here's the order for the lumber.471
Of course, why else would Glough want 30 battleships? Between you and me I don't think he stands a chance.469
OK. Just one more. What's the name of his new girlfriend?468
As you can see things are going well.468
True but if the gnomes are really going to take over Gielinor they'll need at least that.468
Well, well, you do know Glough. Sorry for the interrogation but I'm sure you understand.467
When I was asked to build a fleet large enough to invade Port Sarim and carry 300 gnome troops I said: 'If anyone can, I can.'467
What's Glough's favourite dish?409
Follow me.385
I wouldn't know anything about that. You should see Caranock.24
Hello. Do I know you? You seem remarkably familiar...23
If you say so. Anyway, what do you want?23
Our Gnome Liaison Officer.22
Really? That's odd, considering she died last year.16
It seems you can't carry anymore. Come back when you have some space.10
Our survey said.... Bzzzzzz! Wrong answer!5
You almost had me fooled!1