I wouldn't go in there if I were you. Those Black Knights are in an important meeting. They said they'd kill anyone who went in there!1,289
Hey! You can't come in here! This is a high security military installation!397
Well, this is the guards' entrance. I might be new here but I can tell you're not a guard.230
Wise move.199
You're not even wearing proper guards uniform!197
Hey! Get back on duty!165
Go away. You're getting annoying.110
Well you can see me wearing it. It's an iron chainbody and a medium bronze helm.58
I'm sorry, my lord, this is the guards' entrance. Only guards may enter.54
What was that you muttered?48
Sorry, regulations are regulations. Only guards enter through here.42
Get lost. This is private property.39
I wouldn't...oh I'm sorry, sir, please go on through.35
This fortress belongs to the order of Black Knights known as the Kinshra.27
I'm sorry, my lady, this is the guards' entrance. Only guards may enter.25
They don't tell us. We just guard the Fortress... Wait a minute, if you are a Black Knight, shouldn't you know?22
I wouldn't...oh I'm sorry, lady, please go on through.16
Don't let it happen again.15
Be careful walking the corridors. The Black Knights are all on edge after that package got delivered.12
We weren't told, but it must be important if it's gotten them all excited like this.9
Well, you can see me wearing it. It's an iron chainbody and a bronze medium helm.8
I heard something happened to King Arthur and that Lord Daquarius was behind it.8
I have no idea, but it's a great victory for Lord Daquarius. To take such a mighty supporter of the White Knights down... Truly brilliant.7
Good day, brave knight. Congratulations on your victory against King Arthur.5
My lord, I hear the covert operation went well. Only one of those foolish Seers' Village guards suspects any foul play.5
Pffft, nah. He couldn't possibly be clever enough to work out our part in the plan.5
Of course. It was so clever of Lord Daquarius to lend our men to Morgan Le Faye in exchange for our prize. We got the better end of the deal, no doubt.4