Can I help you at all?1,498
Well done.1,093
Wait...did HE send you?922
The very idea! My wines are the finest in the district!722
Aaaah...say no more sir, I have some in specially.575
Aaaah...say no more milady, I have some in specially.343
Ah! Good afternoon your lordship. I take it you have come for a refill?77
Ah! Good afternoon your ladyship. I take it you have come for a refill?35've come back.23
Please...I havent got any more vinegar. Give me some time I beg you.21
Oh, wonderful.20
I will have some in soon, if he needs it.19
In the meantime, can I interest you in something?14
Well, just remember I have some in stock for you when you want it.6
Then move along, you filthy ragamuffin, I have customers to serve!3
Well, I'll put something special to one side for you.1