Good for you. Now what do you want?435
...And can you spare me any money? I'm a little short...383
Would you like to buy some? I'm kind of strapped for cash right now, I'll sell it to you cheap, it's hardly been used at all.235
I just used a bit to clean that family crest outside up a bit. Do you think I can get much money For the family crest, actually? It's cleaned up a bit now.210
Apparently you aren't as stupid as you look.194
I don't know, somewhere around here probably.52
I don't know.50
You don't know how long it takes an inheritance to come through do you? I could really use that money pretty soon...47
Could you spare me a few coins? I'll be able to pay you double tomorrow it's just there's this poker night tonight in town...45
It kind of looks like the same material as my trousers are made of... same colour anyway. Think it's worth anything? Can I have it? Or just some money?36
It looks like thread to me, but I'm not exactly an expert. Is it worth something? Can I have it? Actually, can you spare me a few gold?15