How are you getting on?1,918
Well, yes, I do. Are you any good at smithing?1,144
Ok, we'll see. Now, the trolls managed to smash part of our western wall earlier today. We need 5 sheets of iron to patch it.1,142
Yes, but it'll do for a few weeks, and we haven't the time or materials to do a proper job just now.1,136
I've got a press in my shed. You can use it to heat up some iron bars and roll them into sheets. You'll need to fill its firebox first - stick some logs in it and light them.1,132
How odd! I'd have expected all your products to be horribly brittle.1,128
Wonderful - thank you very much! You should return to my brother, Herman, and tell him you've finished helping me and Arnold.898
Oh, and if you've got any of those iron sheets left, I'll be happy to buy them off you once the Colony is safe.802
When you've got 5 iron sheets, hammer them onto the damaged wall.796
Anyway, off you go.728
At least you've got enough iron sheets.706
Hammer? Not a problem - here's mine.479
Anyway, take this tinderbox and get to work.399
Ah, %USERNAME%! Herman told me to expect you. You'll find him in his office by the eastern wall of the Colony.219
Wonderful - thank you very much! Now you can turn your full attention to helping Arnold...182
Now you've finished helping me and Arnold, you should see if Herman's got anything else for you to do.54
Oi - leave my press alone!44
Good, good.36
Herman tells me you've been fetching us an army.33
Put some logs into the metal press in my shed, and light them. Then feed 5 iron bars into the press to roll them into sheets. After that, you'll need to hammer them onto the damaged wall.33
Here, you can have this one.29
I'm not letting anyone through these gates while there are still trolls out there.22
Hello again, %USERNAME%.17
Interesting. I didn't know magic could do that.16
I'm working on it. I can always do with more iron sheets, so if you've got any more, I'll give you 20 gp per sheet.14
Thanks for helping me patch that broken wall.12
Oh yes, I heard he was trying to stock up on supplies in case this becomes a siege.11
I hope you don't have too much trouble with that press.6
I've got one of those, but you don't have room to hold it.5
You should be sticking the sheets to the wall, not to me!4
You'll need to make another iron sheet first.3
I think you'll need to make three more iron sheets first.3
No thanks, I don't want that.3
Thanks a lot for your help earlier, but I have a lot to do, so please excuse me...2
I say, you certainly gave that Troll Queen a good thrashing!2
Light the firebox of the press in my shed. Then feed 5 iron bars into the press to roll them into sheets. After that, you'll need to hammer them onto the damaged sections of the wall.1
You've got quite a bit of metal-rolling to do first.1
Hello again, %USERNAME%. Were you wanting to sell me those iron sheets? I'd give you 40 gp.1
I think Herman would like to talk to you in his office. We all owe you so much.1