What are you doing on my land?3,020
What are you doing on my land? You're not the one who keeps leaving all my gates open and letting out all my sheep, are you?1,351
You're after a quest, you say? Actually, I could do with a bit of help.1,295
I guess I'd better pay you then.1,246
My sheep are getting mighty woolly. I'd be much obliged if you could shear them. And while you're at it, spin the wool for me too.993
About what now? What do penguins have to do with anything?964
Yes, that's it. Bring me 20 balls of wool. And I'm sure I could sort out some sort of payment. Of course, there's the small matter of The Thing.845
What's the problem with Jimmy?789
Oh dear, oh dear, this is terrible. Terrible!785
I've no idea what to do!784
Well, no actually. I'm just a farmer. I've no idea how to deal with fanatics!784
Normally I'd say yes, but I just don't have enough for a month's supply.783
Seth does, Seth Groats. He's another farmer over yonder at the other farm. Over the river and on the way to Varrock, he has loads of chickens.782
Oh. How are you doing getting those balls of wool?762
Give 'em here then.703
What are you talking about? Don't you come into my house shouting at me.678
Is this some kind of joke? I'm a SHEEP farmer. That means I need to shear sheep. What are these penguins you keep talking about?677
Good! Now one more thing, do you actually know how to shear a sheep?628
Have you been shearing my sheep without permission!?624
It's rude to shave another person without permission - don't be coming at me with them shears!621
I guess no real 'arm was done. Hand the balls over and we can put this whole thing behind us.617
Don't worry, it's quite simple!542
To get to Lumbridge Castle just follow the road east.418
Do you know how to spin wool?415
The nearest Spinning Wheel can be found on the first floor of Lumbridge Castle.387
Well, first things first, you need a pair of shears. I've got some here you can use.362
You just need to go and use them on the sheep out in my field.347
That's what they all say!338
Like I haven't heard that before.282
Then why are they disguised as sheep?281
You talk to these penguins?279
Look, when these voices in your head start talking to you again, you might want to ignore them.277
Right, right. I believe you, sure. Maybe on your way out you could ask the sheep to herd themselves for me.277
You ... you actually saw it?267
... flee! Oh, woe is me! The shapeshifter is coming! We're all ... 262
... doomed. What!260
Some of the sheep don't like it too much... Persistence is the key.258
Once you've collected some wool you can spin it into balls.246
Well, you're half way there already! You have a set of shears in your inventory. Just use those on a Sheep to shear it.243
Run for the hills! %USERNAME% grab as many chickens as you can! We have to ...238
Well once you've collected some wool you'll need to spin it into balls.237
Have you been out in the sun too long?227
What are you doing on my land? You're not the one keeps leaving all my gates open and letting out all my sheep?213
Well then what is it boy?187
How can you be lost? Just follow the road east and south. You'll end up in Lumbridge fairly quickly.99
What, on my land? Leave my livestock alone you scoundrel!89
Well then what is it girl?72
Well now, no one has ever seen The Thing. That's why we call it The Thing, 'cos we don't know what it is.69
Some say it's a black hearted shapeshifter, hungering for the souls of hard working decent folk like me. Others say it's just a sheep.67
Well I don't have all day to stand around and gossip. Are you going to shear my sheep or what!66
Oh, that's wonderful...many thanks for your help...just wonderful.63
You need to collect 20 more balls of wool.46
Well go find a spinning wheel then. You can find one on the first floor of Lumbridge Castle, just walk east on the road outside my house and you'll find Lumbridge.35
Have you been to see Seth Groats yet? He's over at the other farm on the way to Varrock!21
Ah well at least you haven't been eaten. You know what you're doing, right?17
And what did he say?16
Well, that's great...good old Seth!16
I need 4 more before I can pay you.11
I need 1 more before I can pay you.9
I need 6 more before I can pay you.9
Well, I'll leave them on the table here if you want to grab them later...8
Or you could go and buy some for yourself from the general store in Lumbridge.8
I need 10 more before I can pay you.7
Well what do you expect if you ask a farmer for a quest? Now are you going to help me or not?7
I need 2 more before I can pay you.6
What's this rubbish! This isn't wool, it's a note promising to give me wool!6
Yes, my land! This is my farm!6
So you're one of them cave goblins, then? I suppose you weren't to know.6
Things? There's more than one now?6
Oh, you mean my sheep!6
But as for YOU...6
Once you get some shears use them on the sheep out in my field.6
You can get to it, then!5
I'm sure it's nothing to worry about. Just because my last shearer was seen bolting out of the field screaming for his life doesn't mean anything.5
You're going to have to swap those in a bank or get me some more wool, I can't accept them.4
I need 8 more before I can pay you.4
I need 3 more before I can pay you.4
I need 5 more before I can pay you.3
You need to collect 2 more balls of wool.3
I need 19 more before I can pay you.2
I need 14 more before I can pay you.2
I need 7 more before I can pay you.2
I need 9 more before I can pay you.2
I need 11 more before I can pay you.2
I need 13 more before I can pay you.1
You need to collect 1 more balls of wool.1
I need 12 more before I can pay you.1