Well met, adventurer.636
Much like you, I have a book or two detailing such things, but it seems to have gone walkabouts.290
Pah! All of it is incredibly interesting, I slew the great Smolodin Kyatt that plagued the province for many years, I retrieved the crown of many heads from the snake pit and hunted the silver stag of the western287
Funny you should mention boars, I'm currently hunting one, well... I was...262
I'm Freja the Kyattess of the Fremennik Province, who are you?167
You must have done something impressive to gain entry here.165
Ah, fantastic! I've yet to face one myself, but I look forward to the challenge.165
My current quest took me to Acheron, a horribly bitter northern territory, in search for this famous Boar... as big as a hut, so the songs say. Anyway, my companions all met a rather grizzly end, I guess I'm looking for141
Ha ha ha! You're very new here, you've certainly proved you are a worthy hero, but I'd rather someone with a few more years behind them.133
Hmm... When it comes time for me to venture back to the Isle of Garmr, I'll consider inviting you.130
new ones.128
I'll see you around.122
Ah, so you've found my latest donation to the guild, what do you think? Spooky, isn't it?6
Oh Guthix, no! These texts are inscribed in rock paper in a tome even I struggle to lift, the writer left it there as a warning and I assume they didn't want it to be moved.6
I certainly tried... Perhaps there are some date inconsistencies and a few words I had to guess at. I had found a lot of trade scrolls with early Fremennik tribes on the isle too, which certainly made my job6
It certainly seems reasonable. It is said that an angry Fremennik chief launched an attack on Asgarnia, a war on magic is what the singers say.5