Hail, Champion of Neitiznot.1,060
You should head to the eastern end of the northern isle. You don't want to run in to Jatizso's troops now.1,057
You may find a bridge to a small isle, rich in resources. You will not be able to repair it, as I still have to replace the main supports. Leave that bridge - we don't need it to make our raid.958
Praise be to our brave Champion.877
Fare thee well.769
My guards have secured a foothold within the easternmost caves.752
We have not seen Jatizso's militia yet, but some of my scouts have reported hearing distant fighting in the tunnels.747
Praise be; may the blood of our ancestors flow strongly in our new Champion.663
Indeed, it is written in the sagas of Neitiznot that the Champion of the isle must equip himself with the tools of a Fremennik warrior.574
Blasted spies, how can King Sorvott call himself a Fremennik when he resorts to such dishonourable tactics?532
To make the traditional armour of a Neitiznot warrior you will need some yak-hide to make the armour.203
Once you have the yak-hide, Thakkrad can cure it for you.162
To make the shield you will need some arctic pine, rope and bronze nails. Then you will need to find the 'Woodcutting stumps' to make make the shield on.149
You will find the Woodcutting stumps near the town's 'geyser'.140
Congratulations, Champion %FREMENNIK_NAME%. Thank you for defeating the Troll King.106
You should speak to Burgher Mawnis Burowgar about repairing our bridges.39
Please jester, we don't have time for entertainment right now.23
Hello jester. Have a chat with the Burgher, I think he's in the mood for jest.15
Our militia are still preparing themselves for our raid against the trolls.12
Congratulations on defeating the Troll King. I hope you have collected the fine rewards that the Burgher Mawnis Burowgar has for you.11
Do you bring proof of your victory?10
You should bring proof to present to the Burgher.10
Ah! Are you the outlander called %FREMENNIK_NAME%?8
Have you found out about Jatizso's plans yet?8
The Burgher would like to talk to you urgently. Please talk to him right away.5
Our militia have entered the caves to the east of the northern isle.5
Guards, what is this outlander doing in the Burgher's chambers?5
You should hurry to meet them before they are discovered by the trolls. Make sure you go to the right cave entrance, otherwise you won't find them!4
Well you are on the wrong island. You should return to Rellekka and ask Mord to take you to Jatizso.4
Have you collected all the rope we need yet?2