Hello adventurer, welcome to the Entrana furnace.47
Glass is made from soda ash and silica. We get our soda ash by collecting seaweed from the rocks - the prevailing currents make the north-west corner of the island the best place to find it, it can also be found in47
Would you like me to explain my craft to you?46
your nets sometimes when you're fishing, on Karamja island or at the Piscatoris Fishing Colony in the nets there. To turn seaweed into soda ash, all you need to do is burn it on a fire. Feel free to use the range in40
my house for that; it's the one directly west of here. Next we collect sand from the sandpit that you'll also find just west of here, there are others located in Yanille and Shilo Village.40
There are many things you can use the molten glass for once you have made it. Depending on how talented you are, you could try turning it into something, like a fishbowl, for example. If you'd like to try your hand at38
I'm extremely pleased to hear that! I've always wanted an apprentice. Let me talk you through the secrets of glassblowing.37
Bring the sand and the soda ash back here and melt them together in the furnace, and there you have it - molten glass!35
Alternatively I am always happy to buy the molten glass from you, saves me running about making it for myself.35
Tell you what, because you've been interested in my art, I'll pay you the premium price of 20 gold pieces for each piece of molten glass you bring me.35
You'll need a bucket to carry it in. Tell you what, you can have this old one of mine.30
the fine art of glassblowing you can use my spare glassblowing pipe. I think I left it on the chest of drawers in my house this morning.29
Ah %USERNAME%, have you come to sell me some molten glass?29
...errr, well should you get any I'm quite happy to pay for it. Remember, I'll pay you 20 gold pieces for each piece of molten glass you get for me.16
So what did you want to talk to me about then?14
Well, I am very busy at the moment, but I guess I can take 5 minutes off for my favourite student.12
I see you already have a bucket that you can use for carrying it in.6
Umm, not much point me trying to pay you for glass you don't have, is there?5
Do I look like I'm made of buckets? You'll just have to buy another from a general store.4
And don't interrupt me when I'm speaking - it's rude. Anyway, as I was saying ...4
I guess you've never heard of a rhetorical question then. I'll make it simple for you. You bring glass, me pay shiny gold coins.3
Fantastic! Let's see, for that much glass I could pay you ...3
Here you are then.3
Thanks very much, %USERNAME%. I'll buy any more that you bring.3
Ok, suit yourself. Nobody seems to be interested in the skilled crafts these days.3
If you should change your mind, come back and talk to me.3
You can use the bucket I gave you earlier.3
Hello then. I'm afraid I don't have any time to chat though. The druids of Taverley have placed a huge order for glass vials, so I'm very busy.3
Sorry, it appears you don't have enough space in your inventory to carry it.3
... 60 gold pieces!1
... 20 gold pieces!1
... 140 gold pieces!1