Oh really? That would be great! I'll give you a small reward once we reach our destination.6,072
Ok, which route should we take?6,069
Many thanks for getting me safely to the temple. Here's your reward.2,834
Blimey! Looks like we're going to have to go back to Burgh de Rott. We can't get over that bridge!1,675
Well that's torn it... Looks like we can't get over this bog. We'll have to go back to Burgh de Rott.1,475
That's amazing! I'll have to do the same.282
Whahay! That was great! But we really should be heading off now.282
Hey...that's did a great job...I'll follow you.258
Whahay....that was great! 258
I'm waiting here hoping that someone can guide me to the Paterdomus, the temple on the Salve.216
It's scary here...let's get going!111
Oh, I hate this trip, but it's better than staying in Burgh de Rott.95
Do you visit Paterdomus often? You seem to know the route well.88
We don't have all day to stand around chatting; let's press on.84
When are we going to get to Paterdomus?81
But we really should be heading off now.69
Wh...what are those bubbles?50
Ah, so you want to give me some supplies, eh? Let me just open me backpack.50
Can't you see I'm being attacked...?48
This is scary!48
Ahhh, that would be a tentacle...47
Ahhh, two tentacles!45
I think I'm going to faint!45
...three tentacles!44
Blimey! Look at that beast! You're gonna have to sort that thing out on your own!44
Hmmm, it seems that you have a follower. I think it may get lost on this journey if it's left to wander on its own. Let's leave when your follower is safe.16
Let's just say that I'm somewhat experienced and I'm happy to take on my fair share of bad guys. You don't need to worry about that.15
Sorry, I just can't carry any more!12
Thanks, I'll save this for later.11
I'm hoping to get back to civilisation and see what the lands of Misthalin look like.4
Oh, Paterdomus is that rather impressive looking temple on the Salve... I'm sure you must have passed it on your way into Morytania.2