It is good of you to meet me, Waydar.1,004
Good evening, Awowogei.900
Well observed. How have you been keeping yourself occupied?801
Who are you? Did Glough send you?792
Forced to resign??790
Royal Guard? I know nothing about them. Absolutely nothing.783
None whatsoever. What were they here to do?780
Decommission the shipyard ... I see. Well, we have had some seriously strong southerly winds of late. They may have been blown off course during flight.778
My my. How things have changed somewhat since Glough's time... Now, what of the human?760
I know...745
You may be right. Never mind - there are greater matters afoot. With Glough gone, it falls to us to continue with his plans.733
I agree. Anyhow, we don't want your human wondering as to your whereabouts. When the time is right, don't hesitate to ... dispose of it.712
Also, the shipyard workers are becoming restless.711
Ah yes - all that trouble with the Khazard. Last I heard, Bolren had retrieved the orbs of protection. Apparently some human lent their assistance.703
Money for me, Waydar, and promotion for you. As you know, the 10th squad of the Royal Guard are slightly worse for wear on this island.697
What if they were to die? An entire squad of the Royal Guard goes missing in the jungle of Karamja ... We could blame it on the humans.697
Precisely. He might even order an invasion. At the very least he'll step up the defence. More orders for me, promotion for you.694
I can assure you he will not. We will lay the blame at the humans' feet.646
Would it not be easier if they were somehow just to ... die?644
Narnode will indeed declare war: not against you, but against humankind.644
Yes. And of course, you will also receive access to one of his 'pets'.642
Kill the foot soldiers and the rest of the 10th squad. My superior has sent you a few tricks which may prove useful.641
Good luck, Awowogei.633
High magic: the ability to summon the entire 10th squad to a single location. And -623
You must be careful with these, as you have only one use of each. Ensure you set your trap well - none must survive lest they spread the truth.610
Stop worrying. I'm working on something -608
For now, tell your men to continue work on the battleships. Give me some time.600
Look, I know.598
I shall see personally to the decommission. You should report to the King immediately.578
The human means nothing. If it becomes too much trouble, I will simply have it ... removed. In the meantime, let it continue to search for that blasted 10th squad.568
Stop worrying. I'm working on something - Glough left a few of his agents in the Gnome airforce.565
Ignore him. My colleague's official mission was to look after a human in the area, but don't worry: it is probably dead already.381
Ignore her. My colleague's official mission was to look after a human in the area, but don't worry: it is probably dead already.281
Just hand over the order human.77
You must have had to travel a long way to get this to me. Here's a little something extra as a tip.77
Why are you still here? You should report immediately to the King!64
Get out of my office! We WILL have our revenge, human!19
There ought to be something in the village. I cannot be sure, as I have not spent much time there.13
Get out of my office, human. You do not belong here.11
I'll leave that to your better judgement... However, bear in mind the type of remain might affect the type of monkey you become...11
Then bring me different monkey remains and another talisman.11