Hey there. If you can solve a question for me then you can move on.3,507
Here, I wrote it down for you.3,503
Please enter the answer to the question.3,478
Sounds right!3,389
Hello there...thanks for helping out Trufitus commune with the gods Bwana. We've been able to return to the village thanks to your help.418
Not much really... I run a local shop which earns me a few trading sticks, but that's about it. I keep myself to myself really.312
Hey, I've seen you working around the village. You've been doing a lot of good work around here for us. Let me give you something for your trouble.304
Yeah, you've been doing a lot of good work around here. Let me give you something for your time and effort.282
They're the local currency Bwana, it's used in Tai Bwo Wannai, there's usually some odd jobs that need doing around the village which you could do to earn some trading sticks. 167
Or, if you have something which the local villagers might like, you could sell it to me and I'll pay you for it in trading sticks.145
Yes, it's the Tai Bwo cooperative... catchy name huh! We sell a few local village trinkets and tools. Also, there are a few items that we're actually looking to stock for the locals' sake.133
I've already given you some trading sticks and I don't have any more on me at the moment. Why not go and talk to some of the other villagers and get some contributions?111
If you happen across any of them please bring them to me, I'll pay a good price for them. I'm sure you'll find the prices very reasonable.109
Sorry Bwana, I'm already busy, why not go and talk to Murcaily! He's around the village somewhere.92
Wrong answer!88
Sure you can...which shop would you like to see? The Cooperative or Drinks store?86
Well, I think that there's some work to be done...perhaps Murcaily can help you. He usually tends to the hardwood grove to the east of Trufitus's hut.80
Gnome cocktails! It's amazing but we all just love them! Luckily I've managed to get stocks of the gnome made cocktails and I supply those to my favourite customers. However, many of the customers really like the cocktails78
I think it was that gnome pilot who crashed his glider, perhaps he had a little mini-bar on board? Come to think about it, you'd expect the little guy to get his stuff together and move on out of here wouldn't you? He78
It's just village life as normal around here Bwana, always something interesting to find to occupy your time if you look hard enough.74
made by the adventurers passing through this way. If you ever happen to have any, bring them my way! I'll give you a good deal on it that's for sure!73
Bwana, if anyone else asks me that question today, I'll explode! Go and ask someone else!73
must love the jungle to have stayed here so long!71
Sure, what do you want to ask?67
Not that I'm aware of, just sit back and enjoy the sunshine bwana!53
It's funny that actually. I've managed to get a good deal with the pilot of that gnome glider. He can supply me directly now. However, it's really interesting that the local villagers really like the gnome cocktails made by the11
adventurers passing through this way.11
I think it may just be that they're made fresher, or there is a slight twist in the flavour of the drink, you know, a little more of this, a little less of that, it all adds up and makes for an interesting tipple!11
Ahhhhhhhh - It's a monster!6
Ahhhhhhhh - Get away from me you beast!2
Waahhhhh! - It's da evil broodoo beast come ta eat my very soul!1