I've had enough of you poking your nose in here! If you think you can stop us, go ahead!1,090
Oh happy days! It's so good we found all these specimens here! If it hadn't been for some good soul lighting that furnace, we'd have never come down here!1,085
Ha! We'll see about that!1,080
You... You do?1,078
But... you don't understand. I just didn't want my family... I wanted to keep them safe.1,076
Then... will you do me a favour? Please, try to save them. Please! I beg you!1,071
Thank you. I have some information which may help you...1,071
It's too late for me *cough*. Though with what I've told you *cough*, perhaps you can find a way to *cough* bring light to Morytania.1,069
My lord... We've finished our latest round of tithing. I'm afraid we haven't been able to collect the desired amount.1,017
Now I should be able to make my blood tithe quota... especially after you pay your tithe. You look like an incredibly fit specimen!931
My lord Vanstrom, there are precious few human settlements left worth collecting tithes from.873
Canifis is delivering more than expected but that still isn't sufficient.863
Mort'ton is just a dead town, full of afflicted. Lord Malak was so ill when he drank of them last time.848
But Burgh de Rott is abandoned.845
Please, where should I get the remainder from?830
They fear some things. Silver dust and garlic to name a couple. Also outlawed are *cough* -ralander and *cough* -ders eggs. The potion which you make with them is also forbidden.823
I bet you could pay twice as much as the others before passing out!721
Do I need to explain it all again? Stand in line ready to pay your blood tithe!257