Do you need something?1,250
The Royal Accord of Twill was signed by the leaders of the five houses over a thousand years ago. It declared that they would take over the rulership of Great Kourend from the Council of Elders.1,250
Many have tried and failed. You would likely have no better luck. However, if it interests you, you might wish to read The Envoy to Varlamore, by Deryk Paulson.1,249
It details how the original Accord was lost.916
For many years after the Accord was signed, the leaders of the five houses took it in turns to rule the kingdom with each of them ruling for 10 years.912
Those practices have long since been abolished though and Kourend is now ruled by the Kourend Council. The original Accord has since been lost but copies still exist in this Library.884
No time to talk I'm afraid.181
Try the top floor, north-eastern bay.179
Try the top floor, south-western bay.176
Try the top floor, north-western bay.169
Try the middle floor, north-western bay.137
Try the bottom floor, north-western bay.137
Try the bottom floor, north-eastern bay.133
Try the middle floor, south-western bay.133
Try the bottom floor, south-western bay.132
Try the middle floor, central area.126
Try the middle floor, north-eastern bay.120
Try the top floor, central area.62