Please enter the answer to the question.3,350
I have a question for you.3,283
Welcome to the vinery, young man. Can I help you?203
Let's see... First, you'll need to treat the soil with saltpetre. Dig it into the patch with a trowel. The minerals are good for the fruit.118
Then plant a grape seed, and just let it grow. I'll look after it, so it won't get diseased.110
When your grapes are ready, pick them and clear the patch so you can grow a new vine.101
Does that seem clear, or would you like help with something else?100
Welcome to the vinery, young lady. Can I help you?95
No, try again.60
I'm the vintner. I helped Lord Hosidius to develop this land as a vinery, and now it's complete he's put me in charge of production while he works on a new project.43
It's short for 'Gallows'. When I was young, a boy made some improper suggestions to me, so I grabbed him by his neck and held him in the air until he learnt some manners.42
I'm afraid you aren't allowed, dear.39
Now, can I help you with anything else?39
His son, young Pandur, works here too. Pandur checks the wine I produce. But if you've got any questions about the farming, don't ask Pandur. Ask me instead. He checks the wine too much.38
Now, dear, do you need help with the vinery? I'm enjoying the chat, but I have work to do.34
So can I help you with anything?33