Have you learned anything from Awowogei yet?2,407
We'll keep the breach secure, %USERNAME%. You should head to the crash site to make sure Glough is dealt with, once and for all.2,141
Have you informed Awowogei of his failed plans?1,181
Welcome back, %USERNAME%.1,180
Your guess is as good as mine - he must be somewhere on Ape Atoll.1,180
Glough... really? We've not had any indication that he has returned to Ape Atoll.1,174
We're not entirely sure, he has been keeping a tight lid on his plans. I guess it could be tied to Glough's disappearance? Perhaps you could get more information from Awowogei directly...1,169
What have you learned?1,164
Airships? No wonder we didn't find anything at the shipyard... You'll have to do something about them.1,163
Firstly, you have to find out where they're constructing these airships...1,162
You should pay a visit to the military officials of each race. I believe a troll general by the name of Kob is still filling that role in the Troll Stronghold. As for the ogres, I would recommend finding the head of the city1,147
Ah, the monkey has more sense than we give him credit for... Perhaps you could go back in there as one of his commanders?1,142
Zooknock could get you disguised as one of Awowogei's commanders if you retrieved the necessary items for him to make a greegree. We just need to choose which commander to go after...1,142
Kruk eh... Captain of the monkey guard would certainly be a useful disguise to have at our disposal. Hopefully you can find him somewhere isolated from the rest of the guards... Once you have defeated him, take his1,140
Good luck, %USERNAME%.1,138
Excellent work, %USERNAME%.1,137
Excellent, %USERNAME%!1,134
An old pilot from the stronghold, he went by the name of Le Smith. I hadn't heard of him since he was dismissed from the glider regiment.1,134
If that's the case then he's likely to have information we could use. You should track him down and see what you can learn.1,134
I'm sure you'll find a way, %USERNAME%.1,132
Ah, this comes as little surprise. Did you uncover any details of the plans?1,116
That makes sense, it's no secret that those races are no fans of humans, other than perhaps as ingredients in a soup... What else did you learn?1,116
That is odd, we have spies posted at the shipyard who haven't reported any news of this to us. I'll get a few scouts to look into it further. What's the final element to this attack?1,115
I knew you could do it, %USERNAME%!1,114
Huh? What was that?1,114
Well then, that sounds ominous. I'll have some men look into it. For now, let's deal with the problems we can solve.1,114
You said you dealt with the airships, %USERNAME%!1,104
We have to stop Glough! Get back to the Stronghold and warn the king before it's too late! I'll get the rest of the 10th squad together and we'll meet you there.1,103
Good work, %USERNAME%! Now all that's left to do is inform Awowogei of his failed plans. If he has any sense, he will call off his plans for attack.1,102
A fine day you have chosen to visit this hellish island, human.1,048
Investigate the circumstances surrounding the mysterious disappearance of my squad. Yes, I know.1,041
The King and I are still in communication, albeit sporadic. I decided I need a human of your calibre to assist me. It is pleasing to see you are still alive.1,035
There is more going on than meets your eye, human. Did you not find it strange that an entire squad be sent to decommission a shipyard?1,026
Indeed. But there are more pressing matters at hand. Three of my squad have been captured and placed in the jail. They are watched over by somewhat overpowering guards.1,023
Trust me; we too have considered this, but whilst it is possible for one, it is near impossible for three.1,010
Do not be so sceptical ... you humans are considered to be quite closely related to monkeys.1,002
The self-proclaimed ruler of the island. I have been listening to him for some time now. I believe we will incur a minimum of casualties if we have an insider - a monkey working for us.999
Go and see my squad mage, Zooknock. Tell him I have asked you to be 'disguised' as a monkey so that you may infiltrate the village. As you will see, he is something of an expert on the subject.999
Just go and find my squad mage, human.999
I wasn't suggesting convincing them, human, but you.993
While you were away, we managed to uncover something quite unsettling.972
Ready yourself, human: the final battle begins!972
My my, Zooknock has outdone himself this time. You do look very much like a monkey you know.970
I need you now to seek audience with Awowogei. Claim you are an envoy from the monkeys of Karamja and are seeking an alliance.967
Well done on winning Awowogei's trust. I overheard everything from here.964
I have had my men look into this supposed fleet of battleships. The shipyard has turned up nothing, although, someone did say they saw a familiar face sneaking around town.963
Progress in the caves has been slow. Whilst you were in Ardougne, Bunkwicket and Waymottin overheard a slightly disturbing conversation.961
Listen closely whilst I narrate the details...956
And by happy coincidence you appear to be just the right sort of monkey.944
You must win his trust if we are to succeed.917
But we have been seeing a lot of activity from Awowogei and his commanders - I assumed the king would send someone soon enough.912
Indeed. This is where you come in. Do not forget that we are the 10th squad of the Royal Guard, and that we are more than capable of holding our own.892
Zooknock and I have come up with a plan.891
I hope you were listening closely. The teleportation spell that was provided will teleport ALL of the 10th squad, no matter where we may be.891
Simple. We fool the teleportation spell that you are in fact a member of our squad.891
Zooknock knows Glough's grasp of magic well. He believes the spell is linked to the sigils that all of our squad carry.891
Welcome to the 10th squad, %USERNAME%.891
It is a replica Waymottin has made of our squad sigils. If you wear that when the spell is cast, you will be summoned along with the rest of us.887
Yes - but do not do so until you are ready.887
Unfortunately, we were unable to access the entrance ourselves, there was some magical force stopping us from getting through.876
You should report to King Narnode immediately. Tell him that the 10th squad still survives and has suffered no casualties.863
Speak to Zooknock. He will arrange for you to leave.853
Well done, human! That was a most impressive display of skill.840
You must convince the trolls and ogres not to ally with the monkeys.839
It would appear your mission on Ape Atoll is complete. You should inform the king that we've located Glough and thwarted Awowogei's plans. While you're ...835
However, your efforts may be in vain...832
He may be willing to share his plans with you, assuming you are disguised with a greegree, that is.831
guard in Gu'Tanoth.824
Once you've found the location, you'll have to find a way to sabotage the airships.823
We are fairly confident this is where the 'secret weapon' Kruk was working on is being developed, you'll have to find a way into the area.799
corpse to Zooknock along with an uncharged monkey talisman, well, you know the routine.799
We were investigating the tunnels where you found Kruk, and discovered an entrance to a much deeper cavern.780
Before we can resume our original mission we must rescue them.721
We have considered many things. I have my squad mage and sappers working below us right now. My, assassin Karam, is operating in the village itself.700
I remain here so that I may overhear Awowogei's plans.695
In effect, the spell will break Lumo, Bunkdo and Carado out of the jail for us.642
You should prepare. Collect your thoughts and belongings and then wear the sigil. Hurry, human, we do not wish to enter this fight without you.642
With your assistance, we should be able to defeat whatever is thrown at us.640
It is these sigils that identify us as a member of the squad.623
I know you're tough, %USERNAME%, but it would be unwise to head out there on your own. Get Nieve and then come back.393
Have you spoken to Zooknock about the monkey disguise yet?234
Ready yourself, human: the final battle begins... again!202
You must hurry. He is working somewhere beneath the Ape Atoll.189
Some of those things have made it into the Stronghold, you've got to defeat them, %USERNAME%!124
Have you found out any more about the 'secret weapon' Kruk was working on?118
My squad and I are to remain on this island as undercover operatives. I am collecting information on Awowogei and his policies.95
We can't give up, %USERNAME%, come back when you've got more information.70
Please hurry %USERNAME%, we need this information from Awowogei before it's too late.66
Please hurry, %USERNAME%, we need to find out what we're up against here.63
Please hurry, %USERNAME%, we are so close to victory!59
You should be tracking down Le Smith, hopefully he has information we can use.52
So he has been working with Kruk behind Awowogei's back...51
There's no time for chatting, %USERNAME%! You need to get back to the Gnome Stronghold!49
You have to stop whatever it is Kruk and Glough were up to, %USERNAME%.41
For all your power, your kind are exceptionally foolish. You must seek out Waymottin and ask him to make a replica. I have no spares.39
Always good to see you again, %USERNAME%.32
I guess you didn't travel far, but since it's you... Here's a little something extra as a tip.32
Collect your thoughts and belongings and then wear our squad sigil. Hurry, human, we do not wish to enter this fight without you.27
You found me. Excellent. I wasn't sure the order would get here.23
You must have had to travel a long way to get this to me. Here's a little something extra as a tip.23
However, you look like the wrong sort of monkey. My plan requires that you look like one of the monkeys of mainland Karamja.23
A member of the 10th squad should never back down in the face of adversity, come back when you're feeling up to the task.21
My squad and I are still carrying out reconnaissance. Awowogei has been very occupied as of lately, could this have something to do with why you're here?19
I don't know. I truly don't know.19
When the time comes, you are to pretend you are an envoy from the monkeys of Karamja and that you are seeking an alliance.18
As I said, I've been listening to Awowogei for some time now. Come back when you look like one of the Karamjan monkeys.18
Well done - you look just like a Karamjan monkey.17
Very good. In a moment, speak to me through your monkey disguise so that I may judge how good it is.17
You don't look very much like a Karamjan monkey to me. It definitely will not fool Awowogei.13
Come back when you look like a Karamjan monkey, and hurry!13
Greetings, %USERNAME%.13
I've already found one - you.12
Very well. Since the 10th squad were recalled from Ape Atoll, King Narnode has named me new Grand Tree Guardian.12
I believe I speak on behalf of everyone in the Stronghold when I say thank you for stopping Glough. Who knows what would've happened if you weren't there to foil his schemes.11
Very well. Return here when it is done.10
Stop talking and start fighting!8
Well done, human! For a second there, I thought we would fail.5
Indeed we did - and with no casualties either.5