You may not pass through this door without paying the trading tax.688
The cost is one diamond.656
Yes, that's my usual spot, but the Godfather said I should be here, so here I am.159
No tax, no entry.142
You mean my father? He went into retirement, I've taken over the family business instead.119
Hello, did you just come from the market gates? Are my brothers doing their job well? I do worry that they'll start letting people into the market for free without me being there to supervise them!113
No, fortunately for me I inherited my good looks from my mother.110
Ever heard of fairylights? Well how do you think we make 'em? First we collect a pile of gems and then we get a spider to spin 'em into a long web, we light the jewels by imbuing each one with a little bit of magic.54
That's right, how else could we make 'em twinkle so beautifully?49
Not at all. Those are the rules.49
That you've been doodelling? If you don't mind I have a job to do, please stop distracting me.5
Sorry, we cannot allow you to bring those sacks into the market for security reasons.3
No I don't and I'm trying to work here. Please stop distracting me!1