Death is everywhere! At any moment, a band of brigands might rush in and kill you, or your closest friend might stab you in the back. Welcome to Gelin's Life Insurance Brokerage.4
When you die, you may lose Hitpoints XP, so your Hitpoints level may decrease. I offer an insurance service, preventing your Hitpoints level from falling below a certain level.4
You must have a Hitpoints level of 25 before you may insure yourself.1
There is no more fitting place! The graves of the dead remind the living that their lives are fragile, and that death is the inescapable fate of all mortals.1
That is exactly the frame of mind that encourages people to buy life insurance from me.1
No, my life insurance policies are for life. Similarly, when a customer upgrades their policy to a better one, I charge the full price of the new policy. They may take it or leave it.1
I can insure you up to level 25 Hitpoints, so that your Hitpoints level will never decrease below that. This service costs 25,000 coins.1