Good day to you traveller. Would you be interested in buying some gems?1,432
Fitzharmon eh? Hmmm.... If I'm not mistaken that's the family name of a member of the Varrockian nobility. You know, I HAVE seen someone of that1,074
persuasion around here recently... Wearing a poncey yellow cape he was! Came in here all la-di-dah, high and mighty, asking for jewelry made860
'Cos I know theres gold out there, in them there sand dunes... and if it's not up to his lordships high standards of 'gold perfection'...782
Maybe we'll all get lucky and the scorpions will deal with him.727
from 'perfect gold' - whatever that is - like 'normal' golds just not good enough for little lord fancy pants there! I told him to head to the desert719
Eh, suit yourself.139