Human do puzzle for me!3,636
Thank you human!3,629
That not look like goblin brooch.1,105
That me! Give me chair!1,087
Dorgeshuun? That old goblin legend. Lost tribe.1,071
That would mean me wrong... but at least Wartface not right!1,018
That silly. No goblin ever say that.868
Anyway then Big High War-God punish them. He turn their insides to stone.807
No you have to pick red!794
That not right. Not goblin colour at all.788
They lose battle, that why god punish them.785
Red armour best.782
No no, they losing so they run away, and Big High War-God punish them for running away.772
All goblins should wear red armour!760
It clashes with skin colour.747
Doing bow make you look like a wimp.747
Only if they wimpy tribes! Goblin salute strong!745
It a deal then. Brown armour it is.741
Not as silly as green armour! What happen then?739
That not punishment! Caves nice and cool.735
Well if it Dorgeshuun tribe they not know who won big wars. You should greet them with goblin victory dance!716
Bye then.713
Yeah blue might be good.708
No no, he send them to fight tall people with biting blades, that what I hear.705
Orange armour might be good.698
They not listen to you! I already tell them wear red armour!696
You take ancient goblin mace. Maybe it be useful.673
Human! You bring us armour in new colour!670
No no red every time.640
Yeah brown might be good.631
Green armour? Are you stupid?619
Go away human, we busy.606
Shut up Grubfoot!594
Everything make YOU look fat!543
What happen?518
That holy mace of Big High War God.515
Human will need help. You take our best warrior, Sergeant Mossfists.515
Human scared of me not you! Then you think me bigger general!501
Grubfoot! Fetch Mossfists and Slimetoes and tell them to meet %USERNAME% in Lumbridge Swamp!500
Me bigger general! They listen to me!498
Me not stupid!494
Because red armour better!487
Even this human think you look fat! Don't you, human?473
No they don't! Me think red armour better!465
She say she Chosen Commander!425
Shut up human! Wartface fat and human stupid!413
We under attack!396
That not true! She cannot be Chosen Commander! She not proper goblin! She not worship Big High War God!393
They use them to take favour of gods away from enemy. If another god protecting enemy, goblin warrior use this mace and favour of god is stolen away!388
All right. I not believe you Chosen Commander. But we let you talk to people in village.381
So legend true!374
You should praise Big High War God for giving you holy mace!368
You not real goblin! You filthy human!368
We decide to celebrate goblin new century by changing colour of our armour, brown get boring after a bit. We want change.359
You not even look like goblin! You have big eyes and wrong colour skin!346
Pink robe man say they digging tunnel under Lumbridge Swamp Caves. You go there to rescue Chosen Commander.256
Ha ha! See, fatty? Even human think you fat!230
They punished by Big High War-God.192
It was tall people! That what old storyteller say!171
That most stupid idea yet. If it happen it either happen one way or the other. You can't just decide which.148
Well we must have done! We goblins! Goblins always win!140
Aha that'd be Wormbrain.136
Wormbrain he steals too much. He got caught. Now he lives in Port Sarim town jail.136
You stupid!131
But green too much like skin. Nearly make you look naked!127
It was goblins I say!123
What we do now Wartface?115
From who's what?104
Our soldiers need better weapons. We give them all warhammers!101
What? Make our own tunnels?101
All me remember is Wartface stealin' chair!101
I there before you were. So I get chair...101
Shh! Must not question Big High War-God!99
Me not like worm stew! Tell him make beetle pie!90
Yep we bored now.86
Shut up Wartface!85
No you weren't! That was me!82
That not right!80
Well first you get goblin armour...80
Human, what colour you think best?75
Axes stupid! They things you cut wood with!72
Even human should be able to work that out!64
Thanks human.64
No no, it was tall people.62
You not need sharp when you have strong goblin swinging big lump of iron!60
I said we busy!57
See? Even stupid human think red best. Now we all wear red!43
It in crates somewhere. Can't remember which crates now.41
That wrong colour.30
Go away human. You not helping.29
You go north of here into wilderness. There you find many ways to die!24
No, it because they refuse to fight night before battle.23
Me not know where dye come from.23
Maybe you can get more dye from her?20
Maybe same way you got orange armour?13
That prove you a filthy human-lover!12
Go away human. You not know anything.12
Why we have to do what human say? He not boss of us!11
When Chosen Commander come to speak to us again?11
There bound to be some around somewhere.8
You not have vision! You make that up!7
That good. Big High War God smile on you now. You honourary goblin!7
Where's Wartface gone now?6
Yeah, as long as she agree with truths of Big High War God!5
Chosen commander also say you fat and stupid.4
Well... I have vision too. Chosen commander say me big general!3
Why we have to do what human say? She not boss of us!3
You take ancient goblin mace. Maybe it be useful. Talk to me when you have free space in inventory.3
He kidnap Chosen Commander? You must rescue her!3
No! Sergeant Slimetoes best warrior! Take him!3
You rescue Chosen Commander and she lead us all to glory!3
Then she not come here again!2
Grubfoot! Fetch Mossfists and Slimetoes and tell them to meet RB8T2n8c2RT2 in Lumbridge Swamp!1