Before I will help you, you must complete this for me.3,361
You have done well.3,361
Yes, is there anything I can help with? I'm in charge of what's left of this army and I'm rather busy.1,302
The king will see no one. He can trust no one!1,298
In the coming battle he will stand between us and the end. Then you will see him.1,292
Do not waste my time.108
This is not a good place to be, go and prepare for the coming darkness.88
There is no great hero left to fight back the forces that face us now... Go, leave, prepare for the darkness. While you still have time!81
And you friend. It will be an honour to fight against the darkness alongside you. Together, we can avenge King Tyras.44
We knew this battle would come, ever since the day our king died. We've been prepared for a long time.42
As do I. If it's not though, we'll make sure they remember us until the end of their days.41
Good day adventurer.33
King Thoros and the Prifddinas Elders have agreed that we continue to maintain this outpost. We're now able to rotate our troops between here and Ardougne though, so they can spend more time with their families.27
The time to prepare is over, for darkness is upon us. Speak to Baxtorian at once.2