Well, I suppose we could find some arrangement for their freedom... hmmm?1,164
I'll let them go, but you must stay and fight for me. You'll make me double the gold if you manage to last a few fights.1,161
Not bad, not bad at all. I think you need a tougher challenge. Time for my puppy. Guards! Guards! Bring on Bouncer!1,154
Nooooo! Bouncer! How dare you? You've taken the life of my only friend. Now you'll suffer traveller, prepare to meet your maker.1,144
Haha, well done, well done that was rather entertaining. I am the great General Khazard, and the two men you just 'saved' are my property.1,072
Indeed. I obviously underestimated you, although you still pale in comparison to the might of General Khazard.1,053
You however have caused me much trouble today. You must remain here so that I may at least have the pleasure of killing you myself.931
Guards! Take him to the cells.903
You shall see that I am not cowardly enough to make false promises. They may go.845
What? You are not dead and yet you walk and talk in the Shadow Realm. Explain yourself.530
This intrigues me. How do you know me? You look familiar but I can't place it.527
It doesn't matter anyway. You are not of the blood and I cannot trust you.515
That is not something I can take your word on.488
Hmm... There is one person's word I would believe. If you visited the Sin Seer, and she judged you trustworthy, then I would have use for you.488
Well, considering I told you she was a seer, of sorts, I would imagine you would find her in Seers' Village. It is to the south of here, not far.486
It's a long story, and I do not have the time to tell it.486
Ah. Interesting. Well, you have served your purpose. Now to award you with something appropriate.450
Oh, and what did he say that for?449
Wait! Take this, it is the key to your reward.449
The note says you have committed many sins and atrocities in your life. I'm impressed; I will use you.438
Don't worry if you lose it, I can always get more to replace it.436
Ah, you have dealt with severed limbs before?422
There are ways to see that you humans cannot grasp.364
Go and see her, return with her report and I will see if I have use for you. You will be well rewarded.352
I once called home - a place of great heat.329
It has been a long time since I have left my home in the south. I have lost track of what is going on in the world, but now it is imperative that I know.328
So, I sent out four scouts to gather information for me. I brought them to walk like me in the Shadow Realm, so they would be safe from my enemies.324
There is a cave near where the fish-men gather. Go to the east branch of this cave and seek out one who lives in the Shadow Realm. He will reward you well.323
Tell them: The planets are nearing alignment; we will meet in the place of half light and ice soon. Beware of the others, for though they are weak and few, they are cunning.320
I am going to entrust you with a very important message, which you must deliver to each one of them.306
I sent them on four missions. One was to go to the land of the gnomes and explore their holdings. One was to go to a jungle to the south. One was to explore where the White Knights rule. And one to the place that304
How dare you speak to me, you are a slave of this arena now.171
True, I never can tell you humans apart. You're all ugly creatures, anyway.154
The agreement was that the Servils may leave if you won a few fights, and indeed they are now free to do so.112
You can see into the Shadow Realm and yet you are not of it. Oh well, you will be of no use.96
Your form is still solid. To be of the Shadow Realm you must be less opaque.78
Do you make progress in finding my scouts?51
Wooooo whooo wooo. Whoot!50
One was to go to a jungle to the south.32
One was to explore where the White Knights rule.28
If I knew more of their locations I would go myself. Now go and finish the job.27
One was to go to the land of the gnomes and explore their holdings.24
One was to go to a place of great heat.21
What do you want guard? I'm a busy man.20
He was angry that you killed him. Quite natural, really.19
In the last two hundred years, I have survived all horrors imaginable. Now it is my turn to cover this land in darkness. One day you shall see, all will quake on hearing my name.19
Now get out of here, you filthy skinbag. I will not waste my time on you.18
Incompetent fool!18
Here, take another. They are easy to come by.18
There is a cave near where the fish-men gather. Go there and seek out one who lives in the Shadow Realm. He will reward you well.17
Now leave me.17
Why would I give them up, those two men are my property now.13
You do not have enough space for it. Speak to me again when you do.13
You killed my pet, and yet still you dare to speak to me?12
Who dares enter my home? You? A feeble traveller?12
Get out! Whoever let you in shall be severely punished for this.12
You goldfish! Go find the Sin Seer - she will determine if you are trustworthy. She lives in Seers' Village to the south of here.11
You might not believe it young one, but you can't kill that which is already dead.3