Put on this armour!2,311
Well, they say, 'We not want to fight,' so god punish them.1,109
Yes as long as you pick green.1,097
No, it me! Chair mine!1,092
Yeah I suppose so.1,051
That good idea. Watch.1,031
In time of much-war there many tribes. Big High War- God send Dorgesh tribe to fight beardy-short-people in mountains.868
Goblins not wear jewellery.867
I tell all goblins in village to wear green armour now!816
That colour quite nice. Me can see myself wearing that.804
No I don't like that much.791
Green armour best.779
No no, you greet them with goblin tribal bow.771
It how tribes greet each other in old days.770
It was beardy-short-people, that how legend go.766
Ha ha! If they lost battle they all be dead!765
We should wear green armour!762
Me dunno what that look like. Have to see armour before we decide.749
What happen then?733
Goblins wear dark earthy colours like brown.731
But then he close cave so they not get out! You not want to stay in cave all the time.707
He put them inside stone! Big hole open in ground and they all go into cave.704
Human! Get us brown armour!693
What colour we try?669
He kidnap Chosen Commander? You must rescue her!668
Ha ha ha! That silly!662
Thank you for sorting out our argument. Take this gold bar as reward!652
Yep bring us orange armour.651
Human! Get us blue armour!647
We need darker colour, like blue.640
No it has to be green!637
Not red! Red armour make you look fat.634
They listen to me not you! They know me bigger general!590
What? Me mean...560
Go away human, we busy.546
You stupid! Only stupid goblins think red armour better!530
Human! What colour armour they wearing out there?526
Are they gone?522
Who you?518
All goblins worship Big High War God! Without him we nothing!512
No! Sergeant Slimetoes best warrior! Take him!511
That story from goblin holy book. We not had Commander of all goblins since time of great war.508
Goblins listen up! This Zanik, she from Dorgeshuun tribe!508
Shut up human! They wearing green armour really! Human lying because he scared of you!498
You rescue Chosen Commander and she lead us all to glory!494
That because you stupid!485
Shut up! Me bigger general!474
Then why you not like green armour?465
Only stupid goblins think that! You stupid!443
Shut up!443
Lost tribe?400
You not look very happy.392
No let him speak.388
What you want?379
In time of great war, strongest goblin warriors carry maces like this.375
Holy book say someday Big High War God send Chosen Commander to lead us to victory over whole world.368
Shut up Bentnoze!358
We not know what she have to say. But in case she Chosen Commander, we let her speak. Speak, Zanik!355
But what if she is? If we ignore her, Big High War God strike us down!349
Grubfoot! Tell people in village to gather around! Dorgesh goblin will speak to us all!347
Shut up human! They wearing green armour really! Human lying because she scared of you!286
Problem is they want different change to us.262
What? Why?230
Sergeants wait for you at entrance to Lumbridge Swamp Caves.192
Yeah peace is good as long as it peace wearing green armour.168
Me not care what human think! Human ugly!166
Shut up Grubfoot!165
No, beardy-short-people. That how legend always go, stupid.134
Yeah even goblins know that.127
Actually we not know who won.127
Now you've solved our argument we gotta think of something else to do.108
Me tell Mudknuckles make worm stew for dinner.107
Oh yeah. Me remember. Me was goblin representy thingy.90
Weren't your chair. You shouldn' even've been there!90
Me dunno... maybe we change armour colour again.90
Yeah brown is nice.87
We hadn't thought of that.86
No, because he much bigger than us.85
Shut up human, we sort this one out ourselves!79
No no give them battleaxes!75
Beetle pie give you wind! You smell bad enough already!73
It was beardy-short-people in mountains.71
But hammers things you put nails in wood with! At least axes sharp!62
...And then you dye it orange!62
But us never use your markets.61
Me see no particular reason to answer you then.50
There some spare armour around village somewhere. You can take that.47
It because they run away from fight.39
Human not know anything! If we wear red then whole village be ugly like YOU!33
Stupid Bentnoze, you not know how to spell!24
Some goblin or other, he steal it. Say he steal it from old witch in Draynor village.23
Green! We all wear green now, human has decided!16
Human! Did you save chosen commander from horrible fate?16
We tell you get orange armour.16
Me hate humans! This human just happen to be right!14
Last night I have vision of chosen commander. She say me biggest general, so me lead village.12
Get goblin armour and dye it blue!11
Brown was old colour of armour before we change it.9
No but he agree with me!7
We listen to whatever she say!6
No but she agree with me!5
What you want Bentnoze?5
Then who did say something? Who that?5
Hello %USERNAME%!5
You shut up Bentnoze! You stupid! You just jealous %USERNAME% talk to me not you!5
Shut up Bentnoze! You stupid!5
In my vision, chosen commander say you say that. So now I know it true.4
That not fair! Me have vision first!4
There you go. Now you take it and rescue Chosen Commander!4
Bentnoze, he is here! I hear him in head!4
Me not crazy, Bentnoze! He talk to me by magic!4
Goblins mighty, war good, Big High War God greatest god!3
Human will need help. You take our best warrior, Sergeant Mossfists.3
Grubfoot! Fetch Mossfists and Slimetoes and tell them to meet %USERNAME% in Lumbridge Swamp!3
You take ancient goblin mace. Maybe it be useful.2
We tell you get brown armour.1
Bentnoze, she is here! I hear her in head!1
Me not crazy, Bentnoze! She talk to me by magic!1
We tell you get blue armour.1