Blimey! Where did you come from? Not another one of those treasure hunters are you?579
They say there's treasure hidden within the waterfall, left behind by the old elven king. Not that anyone's ever found anything.557
You could ask Hadley the tourist guide. He'll be in this building just here.540
Hello traveller. Are you here to fish or to hunt for treasure?211
Adventurers pass through here every week, they never find anything though.199
Hello there.14
Nope, plenty of small fish though.14
Good day to you traveller, are you here to fish or just looking around? I've caught some beauties down here.11
The last one was this big!11
Happy as a demon in a Lava pit.1
I'm feeling a bit like a ghost in a cake shop.1
You know... In need of exorcise.1